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Our free Website Builder lets you create amazing websites effortlessly. You can build your website from scratch by starting with a blank page or choose various templates from our free collection and modify them according to your needs. With WebWave you have a complete website design and hosting system at your fingertips.

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Get to know the features of WebWave.

WebWave gives you an opportunity to create a responsive website without coding and setting up your own hosting.

You can drag, drop and layer each element with an accuracy up to 1px and add amazing animations.

Free templates

Start creating your website from scratch with a blank page template or look for some inspiration and choose from a wide range of templates adjusted to desktop, tablet and mobile phone screens.

See free templates →

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Knowledge base and blog

WebWave shares with you new articles related to building websites on the blog each week. In knowledge base, usually a couple of times per month, we share tutorials, guide articles, and other useful content.


Twice a week WebWave organizes online training which aims to simplify building websites for new WebWave users.   

Email, chat, telephone

If you face any difficulties when creating a website in WebWave do not hesitate and reach out for help. You can contact us by e-mail, over the phone, ask through Facebook or send a query on a chat in the right bottom corner of a screen.

Premium support

Unlimited hosting

In WebWave you can enjoy limitless bandwidth and storage. Your hosting is integrated with web design software so you can focus on building your websites. In case of the increased popularity of your website, the price of your subscription will stay the same.

Unlimited mailbox storage

You can create as many mailboxes as you need and don’t worry about storage. It is limitless in WebWave.

24/7 Security

Your website’s logs are being monitored at all times in search of potential hacking attacks and abnormality. WebWave response in case of an attack on your website is almost immediate.  

Daily backup copy

Backup copies of your websites and mailboxes are being done every day and stored for at least 30 days. If something goes wrong you can always recreate your website. Dedicate your time to building websites, WebWave will secure them.

Free SSL certificate

Each website with activated hosting gets a free SSL certificate. You can be sure that the data you send through the internet is always encrypted and safe.

Hosting and mailbox


Buy and sustain your domains in WebWave. Manage and religate them in Webmaster's Panel. 

Connect your domain

If you already have your domain purchased from a third party supplier, just connect it to your website created in WebWave. You can link the unlimited amount of domains.

301 redirect

If you connect more than one domain, you can choose the main one. WebWave will automatically set 301 redirects, so Google can correctly index your website and keep your position safe.    

Domain names

All websites in one place

You can see in webmaster’s panel a list of all websites you have access to, both created by you and your clients. You don’t have to remember many passwords nor log into each website separately. If it helps, you can mark with a star a website you are currently working on or use search to find a specific project.


Check basic website traffic statistics on a graph in webmaster’s panel and see for yourself how changes on the website influence a number of clients and sale.

Website copy

With only one click you can duplicate your websites and create an unlimited amount of copies. What is more, you can transmit hosting and domain to the version of your choice. 

Website export 

You can always export your website to .zip file and run it on another hosting.

Website administration

Built-in CMS on every website

Every website created in WebWave has a built-in content management system CMS, which allows changing text and images on the website effortlessly without worrying about spoiling a layout. It won’t let you delete important elements so it is perfect for a website editor e.g. your client.

Determining what can be edited by your client

Determine which elements can be edited with CMS and which will be blocked, so you can be sure that your client will not accidentally change your project.

Authorization and teamwork

In WebWave website builder you can work on the website with your team. It will be easier for you to correct content and easily divide work.

White label and agency domain 

You can hide WebWave icon and change it for your company logo, so every time your clients log in, they will remember who created their website and your company will gain a powerful marketing tool.

Transferring payments to your client

With WebWave you can simplify payments and transfer them to your clients. All you need to do is enter their invoice details and email. We will send bills directly to them, saving your time. If you prefer to do it yourself, we will send invoices to you.

For freelancers and agencies

SEO settings for your website and subpages

WebWave provides you with a range of tools to inspect your position in Google search and others. Web design software allows you to set META title to each subpage and article and easily add ALT tags to images to make them better indexed. This will increase traffic and sales on your website.

ALT settings for images

Every image on your website can be described by a title and alt tags. This will help searches like Google to better understand content on your website.

XML sitemap

WebWave automatically creates and updates XML sitemap of your website for internet searches. You don’t have to worry about it, an XML sitemap will always be up to date.

Optimisation for Google

The HTML code generated by our web design software is automatically optimized for Google search, so websites created in WebWave are listed higher in search results.

Marketing and SEO

Google Fonts

Choose from a wide range of over 800 google fonts. Your website will gain a unique style.

Google Maps

In just a few clicks place on your website a map with chosen location. Your clients won’t have problems to find your office anymore.

Youtube and Vimeo

Building a website with a video from social networking services is as simple as embedding a link. WebWave will do the rest for you. You can also preview the video before sharing it on your website.  


WebWave prepared for you a few easily accessible social media plugins. Like button and comment section will bring social interaction to your website. 

Your integrations

Embed an integration of your choice on your website. All you have to do is paste a code you receive from an integration’s creator. Website builder WebWave encourages creating websites with various functionalities.

Sample integrations

If your aim is to build a website integrated with a specific service, WebWave makes it not only possible but also very simple. Sample integration collection has been created for you to find out yourself how easy it is to add them to a website. Maybe you will find a solution you have been searching for a long time?

See integrations →


Access to HEAD section and adding your own code

WebWave gives you full flexibility when it comes to adding a code you are missing. You can import libraries to the HEAD section or add your own code in any place on each subform or article on your website.

Custom 404 Error page

Build your own "error 404" page. Whenever  a website visitor makes a mistake and enters an incorrect website address or page URL, they will automatically be transferred to your 404 error page where you can display customised content instead of them seeing the usual default "404 Error" message text.

Restricted access to your website

Control who sees your content. Build a website with restricted access or create a password for some subforms only. Users will be able to see the content after logging in or entering a password.  

Advanced features of website builder

Websites without coding

Free web design software WebWave does the coding for you. You don’t need to know HTML nor CSS. Simpy drag and drop text, image and other elements on the page anywhere you like.

Position elements to 1px accuracy

Position and align page elements with single pixel precision. Our automated alignment system helps you to place objects with consistent spacing and alignment in relation to the page and each other. Your website will be pixel perfect!

Layout and Footer template

Any objects that you place in the Layout and Footer template will automatically appear on every page of your website. Things like logos, navigation menus, company phone numbers and address details are often place in these special sections so that you don't have to manually recreate them yourself for every page.

Create your own global text styles

You can set and adjust global text styles for each website that you build. Set the size, colour and font styles for important text like H1, H2, H3 and body text. You can even add your own global styles with custom labels like "My Big Button Text". Any changes you make to a global style will automatically flow through to all text elements in the website using that style.


You can easily add and place elements wherever you want. Click and adjust elements, effects, and animations. In WebWave you will easily deal with seemingly difficult and complicated operations.

Contact form builder

Add a contact form to your website easily and quickly. WebWave's native form builder lets you add a variety of input fields to your form including, single line text, multi-line text for comments and enquiries, select an option from a dropdown list, date and time selector and an "attach file" button. Style your form the way you want and set it to send to one or more email addresses.

Your private favicon and subpage miniature

Every website built in WebWave can have its’ very own favicon and each subform can have a separate miniature. What is it for? For your website to look unique and amazing online - on social media or a link you send to your friend.

Articles and newsfeed

Create new articles or news provided with dates. Use a wide range of categorization and article templates, which will help you easily build even the most complex blogs or news bulletin with many sections.

Multiple languages

Create different language versions of your website with a single click. Choose a language from the language list and WebWave will automatically create a copy of all website pages (in their original language) and your site structure complete with the relevant Hreflang tags for SEO. All you have to do is the translation!

Key features

WebWave feature list.

WebWave's free white label web design platform gives you a huge range of possibilities in terms of creating websites.

Planned features

RWD - responsive website 

Responsive website adjusts to the size of a screen it is being viewed at. You can precisely tell how a user will see your website on a computer, tablet and mobile phone. WebWave allows you to independently set a layout and size of elements, hide unnecessary layers and create new ones only for particular screens.

Photos and galleries

Use Lightbox, Gallery or Slider and add to your website images in any size.

Exactly how you want it.

WebWave allows you to display your images on the website in the best possible way.


Use animations on every element on your website and present it in many unique ways.
You have full control over animation, it's direction and duration. 

Parallax effect

Parallax scrolling is a website trend where the background element (e.g. an image)
 is moved at a different speed than the foreground content while scrolling. It looks like it's floating.

Ken Burns Effect

Ken Burns Effect is nothing else but a slow enlargement of a part of the image on your website. We have recently added this effect to WebWave web design software so don’t hesitate and use it on images, galleries, and sliders.

Free stock photos

Free website builder WebWave has a built-in free images collection. You can download images of any size and don’t spend a nickel on it. Choose from a wide range of 230k images in high quality. All of this in only one place, WebWave.


Show and hide elements without reloading a website. Use interactions and build unique and interesting websites.  Add modal dialogs, effective galleries and present your content in a modern way.

Online store

In WebWave you can start selling online with just a few clicks. 

Dynamic elements size and positioning

Create responsive page elements by using dynamic units like viewport width (vw) and viewport height (vh) You can easily create a page that automatically adapts to the size of any screen.

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