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File Transfer Protocol. With its help, it is possible to upload files to the server and make them available to users.


The initial phase of the programming process. The front end is responsible for obtaining data from the user and transferring it to the back-end.


Part of a website on which the user leaves date in exchange for the offer. It is often used for lead generation.

Focal point

An area of the website on which the user focuses his/her eyes.

Favicon Favorite icon - favorite icon.

The graphic appears at the top of the browser window next to the page title. It has dimensions of 16x16 pixels.

Farm of links (ink farm)

A group of pages created for mutual linking. This is recognized by Google as a dishonest method of obtaining links. It is used to improve the position of pages in search results.



Emotional Selling Proposition. Brand-associated values based on emotions and imagination. ESP can relate, among other things, to a sense of value, attractiveness, acceptance or security.

Email marketing

Marketing activities carried out by means of mailing. It is used most often for loyalty programs, consumer promotions, marketing research, PR or internal communication in companies.

Editor of websites (website editor)

A tool that lets the user make changes to the website. Graphic editors, which usually do not require coding, and text editors in which modifications are made using code.


Buying and selling of services and goods on the internet, usually in an online store.


Below you will find another portion of terms that will be useful when creating a website or commissioning this task!



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12 March 2020

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