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Pricing - Agency Plan

Do you want to create more websites? Are you creating websites for your customers?

Select Agency Plan, enjoy additional functions and make building websites your source of income.

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Content Edition Panel CMS

CMS Panel is a software application used to create and manage digital content, specifically texts and images, on the website without affecting its overall look. The panel is especially useful for users who want to for example easily add an article to their website. Thanks to CMS they are able to do this on their own, without any help. Of course, webmaster decides which content can be changed by editors.

Website’s editors can get different levels of accessibility to managing content on the website: User Editor, Head Editor, Admin. It is easy to assign adequate access to an adequate person, depending on their responsibilities.

Website’s editors have access to CMS panel directly from the website. All they have to do is add in browser’s address bar and they gain access to managing website content. To use CMS panel editors don’t need to have a WebWave account. 


White label

The white label makes it possible to change WebWave into a tool working under your branding. You can easily replace WebWave logo to yours, link your domain, show your project under your subdomain and more.

Your clients will never find out which web design software did you use to make their website. They will not be able to tell whether you coded it entirely on your own or created in the website builder.


Additional Premium Plans

Agency Plan shares some additional website administration functions, but it does not change the functionality of the builder itself nor the premium plan, which can be activated for the website.  Therefore if you subscribe Agency Plan, you still have to start premium plans for websites created with web design software WebWave.

Thanks to the subscription to Agency Plan you gain one premium plan for your website for free and more premium plans for only 3 $ / month.



If you subscribe to Agency Plan you will be able to create websites as a team – add webmasters, who will build the website with you, and divide work on a project. For example, you make two subpages “Main page” and “About us”. Another webmaster will be responsible for “Offer” and “Contact”.

Teamwork allows to assign certain webmasters only to specific projects, so if you are working with many people, do not worry, they will only gain access to websites you made them responsible for.


Payment passed to a client

When you decide to go with the Agency Plan, you will have an option to pass payment for website directly to a client. You will not have to remember when your client’s plan or domain expire nor remind them and wait for them to pay you. WebWave will do it for you. What is more, whenever we post a payment for the premium plan, you will get a commission into your account.


Technical support and safety

Technical support when creating a website is very important, that is why whenever you need help with creating a website you can contact us by e-mail, over the phone, ask through Facebook or send a query on a chat in the right bottom corner of a screen.

Remember, WebWave cares for your safety and secure websites created with this web design software, so you do not have to worry about technical issues, viruses, updates, or anything of that kind. Start creating your website and we will take care of the rest. More about safety you can read here.

More information

Any additional information and guide articles you will find in the knowledge base.

Creating for myself

Creating for others

Get the Agency Plan in white label website builder WebWave and build responsive websites for customers in website design software.

 Learn about the benefits of administrating and creating websites with Agency Plan


25 $


Agency Plan offers additionally:

Access to content edition panel CMS
White label
Premium Plan for your website  
Premium Plans for 3 $ / month
Payment passed to a client
Dedicated client's guardian
Setup support
Premium support

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