The answer to this question is the key to success, because we do not like to create a website if it does not give us pleasure, and its creation would not bring satisfaction. Added to this is the issue of wages, because you have to put something into the pot. Remember your recent projects if they were made 'under the customer', having to implement their every request. Usually this leads to the fact that the end result is not 'the thing' that makes it stand out from the competition.


Below I will present to you a few reasons why you should submit to the customer web pages that reflect your personality, and not something that is a patchwork of random comments and ideas from several sources.


The difference between web design and its production.



This is a key question that you should ask yourself before starting the adventure with the creation of websites. Do you want to create a website that people will remember, or you want to be a producer who uses  several schemes, coming up to the customer's expectations?


Production of the website.


Successful website production means, when not looking at a coherent project as a whole, nor its visual qualities meticulously, we introduce many amendments proposed by the customer. Adding more shadows, gradients and rounded corners, and then changing  the font to Comic Sans and colors of the various elements, just because the client's aunt took a look at it and felt that a little bit brighter green and orange could be used.


At heart, we know that all these amendments are catastrophic for our design, but after all it is the client's wish that pays for it and requires their needs to be met, so how can I argue with them. This way 90% of novice designers do not believe in their abilities and do not have confidence, become the mouse in the hands of the customer, who with their help introduces their dark visions in life.


The advantage of this approach is that you do not fight with the client. On the other hand, the disadvantage of that is slowly walking away from the senses, creating a complete puppy love that it would be a shame to throw into the portfolio, which in turn leads to the fact that it does not bring you curious customers and the circle closes.


Web Design


If you want a really cool and well designed website, do not look at the other web pages. This does not mean that you should lock yourself in the basement, not see the work of other designers, switch off the phone and cease contact with the customer, definitely not. Be inspired by other projects and surround yourself with creative people, because sometimes a small detail can inspire to create something fantastic. Or stay in constant contact with your client and talk with them about the website, and write down some ideas.


If you can develop your own style, your projects will be completely unique. Each element will be refined and will be there for a specific reason, not by accident, or the strange decision of the customer. The project will be simply be improved because it will retain its consistency and originality.


After a while, you start to look for more interesting solutions and new challenges, which will make your style become more unique and recognizable. This way you will inspire people who are looking for something other than clichés, something with a clear style that will distinguish their company.


Most importantly, the creation of such websites will give you much more pleasure, because at the end you'll be able to look at your work and be proud of it, not hide it deep in a drawer and forget about it as soon as possible.


Why is the customer trying to stripp your project.


The answer is usually full with fear. they are afraid that the brave website does not hit it's customers and make's them go to the competition. The will of behavior that are 'safe' are similar to 'generally accepted standards', so that a visitor to a website does not feel lost.


This is because at the time when it comes to creating the first website for the newly established company, usually its owner wants to please everyone, and also has a low awareness of their own brand identity. You have to understand it, because they bear large costs, both financially and mentally. So you would like to minimize risks at every possible stage, and this combined with a lack of awareness of what is really your brand, usually leads to the formation of sexless and schematic websites.


How to persuade the customer to trust you.


Below I will present three basic principles that will help you convince the client that you know what you're doing, and that you should be trusted:




When you go to present your project, you need to be sure that this is something you want to sell to someone. If you created a web page in accordance with its own style, there should not be any major problems. When a customer sees a web page and feels your confidence and enthusiasm on the draft, it will be easier for you to convince them of your vision. When they see hesitation, clients will also not be convinced if the creator isnt sure why users would have to be satisfied.


Knowledge of your own design.


This point is closely linked to the former, although it sounds strange checked on each presentation. The point is that during the presentation to the customer, they may ask a lot of seemingly strange questions about style, that this element is here and not there, or why something is so, and not another shape. Although these questions are often absurd, you must have all the answers without hesitation and be able to support a few arguments, even as strange as the question.


This will show that each component is well thought out and combines together. Preferably before the meeting, ask a friend who has a tendency to pick on everything, everyone knows that person, for opinions on the web page you're creating, it will allow you to prepare for potential questions.


Give the opportunity to choose.


When presenting a proposal for the website, always strive to ensure that you present two websites, so the choice will be between your two projects, not your project and the infinite abyss of the Internet. This way you make the customer aware that they have a big impact on their website and have a choice, making them feel part of the process, people do not like to be backed against a wall without the possibility of choice or change.


More about building positive relationships with the customer can be found here: How to improve customer relationships while designing a website.


 Your own style


Remember that if you manage to create your own recognizable style, it will be chosen by customers who are looking for you. Thanks to this website created by you, you will get even better, produce nicer work, which will bring higher profits. If you are still not convinced take the time to look at the website below.


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