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10 web design trends for 2021

07 January 2021

Updated:  22nd September 2022 

Reading time: 8 min 

Webdesign Thinking

The beginning of the new year is traditionally a period of anticipation. This also applies to web design. In this post, we take a look at 10 trends that have a chance to dominate web design in 2021.

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1. Parallax effect

It is an effect that gives the impression of depth and space. Elements that appear closer move slower when scrolling than those that are optically further. 

You can easily create a parallax effect in the WebWave. You can find instructions on how to do this here


2. Gradient 

The smooth transition between colors used to be associated with amateur, unsightly designs. Today, the gradient is back in favor and is more and more often used by web designers. 


3. Glassmorphism

We have already discussed the topic of glassmorphism on our blog. So let's briefly recall what it is about. The selected page elements are translucent and look similar to frosted glass. They are most often placed on a background with a gradient. The website designed in such a way gives the impression of depth and lightness. 


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4. Graphics inn.SVG

Websites are currently displayed on devices with very different screen resolutions - from small smartphones to several dozen inch TV sets. It also affects the appearance of the graphics. 

As a result, vector graphics are gaining more and more popularity, especially in.SVG Thanks to this, the images do not lose their quality regardless of the size of the screens on which they are displayed. 


5. Subdued colors

Every year we spend more and more time in front of the screens. Especially during the lockdown, our eyes have little chance to rest. That is why web designers increasingly focus on subdued colors. Thanks to them, eyesight does not get tired so quickly. What is more, pages that aren't overloaded with flashy colors make it easier to stay focused for longer periods.


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6. Dark mode

This trend was already visible in previous years. There is no indication that it will lose popularity in 2021. The use of black as the dominant color gives the design elegance and improves its functionality - it makes your eyes less tired while browsing. 




7. Public engagement

This is not a trend directly related to creating websites, but it also has a big impact on web design. 2020 turned out to be a time not only for fighting the pandemic, but also for protests around the world. Designers, whose works became a symbol of the demonstration, played an important role here. Also in the case of website designs, the importance of the social involvement of creators can be seen. 


8. Interactive scrolling

This is another trend that increases the dynamics of the website. The individual elements of the site appear, disappear, or change their position or size as you scroll. As a result, the user has the impression of interactivity. 



9. Serif fonts 

Until recently, the use of serif fonts on websites was considered a mistake. This was due to the low resolution of the screens on which they were displayed. 

Nowadays, the resolution of computer screens and even mobile devices allows the use of serif lettering. However, one must remember about moderation. These types of fonts are used primarily in page headers, adding a classic elegance to the designs.


The beginning of the new year is traditionally a period of anticipation. This also applies to web design. In this post, we take a look at 10 trends that have a chance to dominate web design in 2021.


10. Back to the 90s. 

In difficult times, there is often a longing for an idealized past. Such tendencies can also be noticed in the field of web design. Designs inspired by the aesthetics of the 1990s are becoming more and more popular. 

Simple shapes and color palettes using vivid, comic colors or black borders are characteristic here, which are also associated with this style.



Will these 10 trends dominate web design in 2021? We will find out in a few months. We will certainly keep our finger on the pulse and inform you throughout the year about the most important changes in website design. 

Author:  Jan Chmielewski

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