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7 SEO Tips That Will Help You Reach Your Customers

10 September 2019

Updated: 13th September 2022

Reading time: 5 min

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There are hundreds of millions of websites on the internet – maybe soon there will be more pages than people in the world.

Every day, new pages join this huge tangle.

Even if you have a lot to say and you can give your users a lot of valuable content, or offer them a unique product, recipients may have difficulty finding your site.

Fortunately, thanks to good SEO your website can be visible in Google search engine – and this is one of the easiest ways to attract potential customers.


Find keywords that will help customers find your site

The first step in creating a good SEO strategy should be choosing right keywords for positioning your website. Consider for a moment what phrases users can type if they want to find an offer like yours on Google. For example, if you have a train travel website, an example of a good keyword is writing about a guide to getting the cheapest train tickets. The more specific you can make it, the better your SEO will perform.

If you can precisely determine what your customers are looking for, there is a greater chance that you'll find effective phrases that will quickly lead interested parties to your page.

Remember, however, that similar phrases can also be positioned by companies similar to yours. And the more competition for a keyword, the harder it will be to be in the top ten. You should research your competitors to stay competitive in your niche and find out what keywords they are using. To do this, you can quickly scrape Google to get vital data that is relevant and will improve your overall SEO strategy, leading to better marketing results and, eventually higher ROI.

That is why it is worth searching for niche phrases. To do this, use the Keyword Planner in your AdWords account.

When you choose keywords, use them as often as possible in the content on the page, as well as in the headers * and in the alternative text of images, i.e. in altos.

* Remember that you can place only one H1 header on each subpage, while there can be more H2 and H3 headers.


Find a good domain for your site

The domain name also affects the visibility of your site in Google search. Search engines read it and try to verify the content it relates to. Many SEO specialists recommend that your domain should contain the most important key phrase on which your website will be positioned.

However, the domain name should not be too long and complicated. If it is as simple as possible, it will be easier for users to remember it.

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Monitor website traffic

To position a page, you need to know how its users behave. Google Analytics is a tool to help analyze traffic. If you don't have a GA account yet, you can create one here.


Create unique meta titles and meta descriptions for all subpages

In addition to the domain name, search engines also read the titles and descriptions of all subpages. Each description and title should contain keywords and inform about what the user will find in a given section of the site.  Such tips are very important because many Internet users read meta descriptions, thus verifying that the page contains content of interest to them.

You should also remember that all subpages titles and descriptions should be displayed in full in Google search engine – so they cannot be too lengthy. The safe length for the meta title is about 70 characters, while for the meta description – about 150-160 characters.


Submit your page to be indexed in Google search

Google robots work very well, so when you create a new page, it will probably be tracked and entered into the database. However, you can speed up the process using this tool.

All you have to do is paste the address of your website in the window and confirm that you want to send the indicated page. To use the tool you will need your Google account. If you don't have one, it'll take you literally a few minutes to set up.

Develop your communication through social media

Social media channels are powerful tools that give you the opportunity to engage in dialogue with potential customers. Through them, you can easily build a positive brand image and interest a wider audience with your offer.

It is also worth knowing that company pages on Facebook portals are not only viewed by real people, but also Google robots. So it's good to create company pages and, if possible, post them regularly. In addition, it is important that links to profiles on social channels appear on the site.

Even if you have a lot to say and you can give your users a lot of valuable content, or offer them a unique product, recipients may have difficulty finding your site.

Attract local customers

Interest in the offer of customers who live in the same area as you, is especially important when you run a stationary company, e.g. a store. In this case, it's worth positioning yourself with phrases indicating, for example, the city –say "interior designer Milton Keynes". In addition, placing your business on a Google map will help in such local positioning – here you can check how to do it.

More and more e-business owners are realizing that it is difficult to achieve impressive sales without SEO. It is worth noting that interest in the online offer is governed by similar laws as selling products in a stationary store. The better the product is displayed on the shelf, the greater the chance that consumers will want to put it in their basket. Products on the lower and upper shelves sell significantly worse than those placed on the customers' line of sight. It's the same with your online offer – if you invest your time in SEO activities, you'll gain visibility on Google and give interested people the chance to find your site.

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Author:  Weronika Wawrzyniak

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