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Published: 04 June 2024

04 June 2024

Best AI Logo Generators for Small Business: Our Review

The logo is a crucial element of a brand's identity, often serving as the initial point of contact with the brand for many individuals. A well-designed logo can leave a strong first impression and aid in brand recognition among the target audience. How to create a logo using AI logo generators? I check which tools can help us do it. 

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Key Considerations for AI Logo Generators

While creating a logo, especially a high-quality one, can be both time-consuming and costly, advancements in artificial intelligence have simplified the process through AI logo generators. These tools enable users to easily generate logos with just a few clicks, catering to designers seeking inspiration, brand owners looking for a quick and cost-effective solution and AI enthusiasts. 


Top 5 AI Logo Generators for Your Small Business

I have selected the most popular tools, which are described as AI logo makers. Let's see which ones work best. I am very curious! For all the tools, I came up with one representative example. It will be the Vintage Store. 


1. Brandmark IO

Brandmark.io is a logo maker powered by artificial intelligence that utilizes advanced learning systems to produce logos that consist of an icon, font style, and color palette. This tool is able to generate logos, branding guidelines, and websites that are completely one-of-a-kind.

After typing in the name of the business and choosing a color scheme, the tool generated this logo for me:


BrandMark Logo Maker


Of course, I gave the simplest description. I think if I had given more information, the logo would have been more fitting.  The logo came out pretty ok, but I was hoping for more. On the plus side, you can log in with your Google account to generate the logo. 


2. Logomakerr

In this tool, we don't even have to log in. Which makes work extremely easy. It only takes a few clicks to get to the logo creation process. In the first step, you need to provide a name and an opionlanie - a slogan, in the next step you choose the style of the logo. We can choose from:




The next step is to choose a color palette. I opted for pastels.


choose your color palette


In this case, we get more than a dozen types of logos. They are already much better suited to the company's profile, and interestingly, we can generate even additional ones. 


vintage store logo

The tool is worth testing. Working in it is extremely fast and easy. Logging in is only required when the logo is already generated. We can use a Google account. 


3. Logo

The Artificial Intelligence Logo Maker from LOGO.com is a platform driven by AI technology, designed to assist in the creation of distinctive logos for enterprises operating in the field of artificial intelligence. It provides a diverse selection of AI templates and logos that can be personalized to meet your specific requirements.

As for this tool, we can start generating already on the homepage. 


make your logo with Logo AI


The next step is to say more about yourself. 


tell about your industry

A few clicks and we get a great result - several dozen logos from which we can choose. 


vintage store logos

vintage store logos


An interesting, quick and very easy tool that anyone can handle. The perfect way if you don't have the budget for an in-house graphic designer, but want a professional logo for your small business. 


4. Logo AI

Logo AI is a logo creator powered by artificial intelligence technology that employs an AI algorithm to analyze logo information and adhere to top design principles, generating stunning and distinctive designs for various brands.

The tool is extremely similar in design to the Logo Maker. Here, too, the first step is to enter the company's name and slogan, and the next step is to select the industry. Of course, you can customize your perfect logo as you wish.


Logo AI


We get extremely diverse logos. Just one thing worth noting - they don't have much in common with what I'm interested in. Despite the fact that I chose pastels and minimalist style, I get colorful proposals and extremely modern. Interesting, but not to my taste. Nevertheless - the tool is worth testing. Maybe for your business it will produce something more creative. 


vintage logo


5. Kreateable

Kreateable is a fantastic logo creator that seamlessly blends ease of use with strong design functions, appealing to both skilled designers and beginners. With this software, you can leverage AI to quickly produce a variety of polished logos. The best part is, you can experiment with it for free!


kreatable logo maker


Its Freemium pricing structure gives users access to basic features, with the ability to upgrade to a paid plan for additional services like various download options and editing capabilities after purchase.


kreatable logo maker


The tool, after logging in, turned out to be paid. Unfortunately, therefore, I did not test it.

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Why You Should Use an AI Logo Maker to Build Your Brand?

When starting a new business or project and in need of a logo, the first step is to determine which design method aligns with your budget, timeline, and creative requirements.

With the rise of artificial intelligence in the realm of technology, a new form of graphic design has emerged, offering a cost-effective solution for entrepreneurs and startups on a tight budget.

If you are questioning the effectiveness of AI in creating a logo, the answer is a definite YES. Instead of spending time on DIY logo creation or investing in a professional designer, utilizing an AI-powered logo maker provides a quick and efficient way to appear professional and appealing to your target audience.


Is Free Logo Maker a Good Choice for Your Small Business?

Of course! It's a great option that allows you to create a unique logo for your business without having to know graphic design principles. Are you at the beginning of your journey? Then you'll probably also find useful the business name logo maker and AI website builder, with which you can create your website in just 3 minutes.



I am currently experiencing a shift in paradigms. People are eagerly anticipating the effects of artificial intelligence on their businesses.

At present, AI relies on human creativity to achieve optimal results. Your artistic vision and passion for your business are still essential in creating a standout logo.

Tools such as Logo AI or Kreatable not only utilize AI for logo design, but also for creating marketing materials such as business cards, invoices, email signatures, and websites. The possibilities for AI are endless! I am looking forward to seeing its future developments.

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