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How much are worth comments on a website?

01 July 2019

Updated: 22nd September 2022 

Reading time: 6 min 

Webdesign Thinking

Content online is usually evaluated on a number of comments, likes, retweets or shares. 

Comments are one of the key elements of a blog post or article. Without them, every piece looks like a ghost. 

Even though sometimes we forget about the comment section, and some webmasters who are afraid of spam delete it, you should remember that users need to have a place on a website where they can discuss and share their opinions.  

I bet every author wants to know what others think about his articles and that his work pays off. 

In order to receive many comments, you need to put in some effort - take care of posts moderation, reply to comments, prevent spam and choose the right tool for online discussion. 

Comments are also the source of knowledge about the readers - we can use it to build a community around the brand or blog. 

If you have any doubts on whether you should or should not introduce the comment section on your blog or website, make sure to read the article below and learn about the comments benefits. 



Readers do not leave comments just to never think about them again. They want you to be a part of the conversation. By responding to comments, you let viewers know that you do care about their opinion and actively follow up the comment section. It will encourage them to speak up more often. 

What's more, users who hesitate whether to leave a comment or not can decide to do so by seeing that their opinion won't be left unresponded. 



Discussion with users in the comment section very often leads to new posts. Comments on a website not only provide you with new ideas but also allow to take another look at the text. 

By actively moderating the comments section you can look at the topic from another perspective and answer some new questions.

It's worth to mention that if some users don't feel like leaving their opinion about the post itself, they might take interest in becoming a part of the secondary discussion. 

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Comments under blog posts help in website positioning. 

The more comments, internal or external, the more keywords used in the post on the subpage, the strongest website position in Internet search results with them.  

Comments do improve overall variability of keywords and their quality, but you should also know that spam and inaccurate comments can lower website position - that's why you should dedicate a moment to moderate them. 



Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behavior in a given situation. Therefore, if many people leave comments under your blog post, others will not only read them but also join the discussion.

Noteworthily, your comments are usually counted to the overall number of comments. If you respond to 10 opinions, the number will increase to 20, what can awake visitors' interest.

People have it in their nature - they will be more keen to follow a blog if there is a great number of subscribers or comments in the comment section. After all, there must be something interesting on this blog if those many people read it. 


Authority and credibility

By taking care of the comments section and replying to users comments you become more "real". You give visitors the feeling that they can discuss with you and learn something new. 

Because replying to comments is not a common practice, you can stand out in the crowd and improve your credibility. I guess it's worth it, don't you think?

By taking care of the comments section and replying to users comments you become more "real".


Probably not all posts on your blog will get comments. But when some of them do, you will be surprised how much information and feedback can a comment section give you.  

It didn't happen once when we edited a post after a discussion in the comments, which were also the inspiration to other articles. That's why you should dedicate a moment to join the discussion with your readers.

However, you should remember that the number of comments does not determine post success. Writing on a controversial topic can draw lost of attention, but a negative one.  

Nevertheless, society commitment and activity around your blog or website will improve its credibility. 

In white label responsive website builder WebWave you can easily add a Facebook comment section or Disqus and stay in touch with the readers while moderating the discussions. 

What about you? Do you comment on blogs? Are you a part of the discussion?

Let us know... in the comment section!

Authors: Paweł Krzywina, Weronika Wawrzyniak

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