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How to create a good offer - a guide not only for freelancers

26 March 2020

Updated: 16th September 2022

Reading time: 6 min

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Do you create websites? Are you a graphic designer or do other business activities? In that case, you certainly realize that efficient customer acquisition is the key to success. Competition on the market is increasing and many companies are fighting for the attention of potential customers. One of the main ways to obtain orders is a well-prepared offer. In this post, you will find tips that will help you create it.

What is an offer? 

In the colloquial sense, the offer is an offer that you make to your potential customers. It's just about the products or services your business sells.

Commercial offer

A commercial offer is a special kind of offer. It is a cooperation proposal addressed to a specific entity (or several entities). Currently, it is usually sent electronically. This type of document is usually created by companies that direct their products or services to other companies. The commercial offer can be divided into two types. 

The first is the text in which you address entities that already know your company. They've worked with you before or made contact. In this case, you can focus on specific products and services rather than presenting your business. 

The second is a document prepared for the recipients you are contacting for the first time. In this case, apart from presenting the offer itself, you should display information about your company. 

How long have you been on the market? What exactly do you do? What is your mission? What are the benefits of working with you? By answering these questions, you will stop being anonymous in the eyes of potential colleagues, which will translate into their trust. 

What should be included in the commercial offer

The appearance of such a document depends primarily on the type of business you do. It is important, however, that it contains some basic elements. 

  • Your company name and contact details;    

  • Recipient's name and contact details;    

  • Personalized offer - adjust products and services to the needs of a potential contractor.     

  • Price list    

  • References - show off your previous projects. Write who you have worked with so far. This will help build trust;    

    Technical conditions for the contract, i.e. the warranty period, delivery time, etc. 

Offer on the website

It's a way to present yourself to a wide audience. The offer presented on your website should contain the most important information from the user's point of view that will help him make his choice. 

The offer should be easily accessible. It's best to place it on the main page or a dedicated web page, the link to which will be on the site's menu. 

What to include in an offer on the site?

Similar to the commercial offer, the content of the offer on the website can be created in many ways. You should put some important information there.

  • Product photos    

  • Descriptions that answer user questions    

  • Details about delivery costs, delivery time, etc.    

  • Button for adding a product to the basket. If you are not selling online, add contact details that will allow the user to purchase

Should the offer on the website include a price list?

You may have heard the statement that prices should not be presented on the website. In most cases, this is not a good solution. 

The lack of a price list is justified if each order is priced individually. This situation applies to graphic designers, copywriters, and website creators.

However, if the price of the product or service is fixed, it is better to show the price. Thanks to this, you will gain the trust of users. If you hide the costs from him at the beginning, you will probably discourage him from working together. 

In that case, you certainly realize that efficient customer acquisition is the key to success. Competition on the market is increasing and many companies are fighting for the attention of potential customers.

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What to look for when creating an offer - practical advice

There are many ways to create an effective offer. There is no one universal pattern that works in every case. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind. They will work both when creating content for a website and when writing personalized commercial offers. 

Get to know your target group

Before you start creating an offer, you need to know its recipients in depth. Remember - your proposal should primarily meet the needs of customers. That's why you need to recognize them first. 

Online forums or Facebook groups are good sources of information. In the case of an offer addressed to companies, pay attention to the scope of activities of potential clients. 

Think about what makes you stand out from the competition

Once you know the needs of your customers, it's time to analyze your competition. Check what other companies operating in your market segment offer. Determine the feature that distinguishes you from their background. 

Maybe you offer non-standard solutions, faster order processing or extended warranty? This distinctive feature is USP (unique selling proposition). You should build a message around it. 

Pay attention to the language

If you have studied the target group well, you already know what language they speak. You should use it in your message. Remember that not all recipients are specialists. Avoid difficult phrases. This way your message will be clear. 

Write as simply as possible. Even if you are writing the text for experts, the uncomplicated language will make it easier to read. 

Match the message to the recipient

Your offer should always solve the problems of the person you are referring to. Regardless of whether you create an offer for a specific contractor or want to place it on a website - you always have to take into account the needs of potential customers. 

Focus on a specific niche and target audience. Research market trends, identify your audience's pain points, and address their needs with your content and offerings. A well-defined niche allows you to stand out and attract loyal followers and nurture leads, resulting in stronger customer relationships and increased customer retention throughout the relationship funnel.

Define your Unique Selling Proposition

Your unique selling proposition (USP) sets you apart from competitors and communicates your value to potential customers. Identify what makes your website, products, or services special like a strong B2B landing page and emphasize these differentiators in your branding and marketing efforts.

Create catchy headlines

It is the headlines that attract the eye of the recipients and encourage you to read the entire text. It doesn't matter if it's the title of the email, web page or document sent to the contractor. The headline should always be polished. How to create it?

  • Be specific - say directly what you offer;    

  • Focus     on benefits - show what the customer will gain from working with you     (you will read about the language of benefits later in the text);    

  • Try to prove that your proposal is attractive - use numbers, data, and facts.

Don't forget about CTA 

CTA is a call to action. Encourage you directly to take a specific action - contact you by phone, send an email, or make a purchase directly on the website. You should directly communicate to the recipient what you expect from him.

Focus on benefits

Do not create long descriptions of the features of your products or services. Instead, highlight the benefits they bring to the client. 

Complement each feature with the resulting benefit. For example, the non-slip surface increases the safety of use, thanks to the double seams the jacket will last longer.


A good offer is key to the success of every entrepreneur. It allows you to effectively convince potential customers to use your services. It should contain clear and precise information about your business. By following the directions in this article you can easily create an effective offer that will attract customers. 


Author: Jan Chmielowski

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