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Customers you want to work with when web designing

26 March 2018

Updated: 22nd September 2022

Reading time: 4 min

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Every Webmaster knows that working with customers can be a bit of a challenge.

You need to find a golden mean between client requests and your style.

Sometimes it is almost impossible.

But there is hope.

Every once in a while, you get to work with clients who do believe and you, your style and your project. 

Let me present you some types of this very rare species.


1. "I believe that the website will do well, because I've seen your other projects"

Description of behavior:

The best type of customer you can come across.

Knows why he hired you and knows what to expect from you.

He is not trying to invent the wheel again by forcing you to apply weird solutions on a website. 

Knows that there is no point in interfering in someone else's work.

You send him two projects of the website...

And here begins the problem.

Because it believes that both are good and don't know which one to choose :). 


Unfortunately, this is an extremely rare species - apparently, its population is much larger than the population of reasonable politicians. 


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2. "Why do you think this is a good solution?"

Description of behavior:

The complete opposite of the species described above. 

It is curious and inquisitive.

Very often ask questions and agrees to disagree with you.

But to be fair - he won't remain deaf for reasonable arguments. 

Meeting him can bring a lot of good to the created website.

It allows you to find the best solutions and often eliminates fine tripping, which escaped your attention.


Apparently derived from the equatorial zone, or area of SoHo - scientists dispute continues. 

It is not so rare, as the species described above, but truthfully, it is easier to meet the aquamarine flamingo than one of this speice representatives.

clinets you want to work with when web designing 1


3. "A good website design costs - and we want the best one"

Description of behavior:

Very nice type of customer - knows that the quality comes with the price and is not afraid to admit it. 

All the other features are the features of the species above, because if our work is fairly rewarded then we can turn a blind eye to some behaviors. 

For example, if a customer reports strange comments and corrections, but for each of them pay extra, all you want to do is improve. ;)

Usually, these people are extremely reasonable.


Often found in the castles of gold, as well as prosperous companies on responsible positions. 


4. "We have got plenty of time"

Description of behavior:

These customers want to project in advance, without a deadline approaching on the horizon.

This is a very nice alternative from those, who want everything done for yesterday.

And their favorite shortcut like ASAP.


They live quietly and are willing to wait for you to take your time and come up with something really cool.

Of course you have to remember not transformed the individual into the "Never Ending Story" ...


Mostly they can be found in the lowlands and companies that exist on the market for many years. 

Typically, such companies have a website and other materials already, so do not hurry them up to immediately change everything.

5. "Yes, yes - I did not see the project of a website, but I am sure it is great. We will order 3 more websites..."

Description of behavior:

This is the type of customer who does not extradite its own money but was commissioned to realize a project. 

There are people who add you wings to create breathtaking designs. 

These species inspire you to save up for holidays. 

They accept basically everything that looks decent.

 So you can quickly check off the task.

And start wondering about the destination for your vacation. 


Large corporations and plunges like Waterloo and Mayfair are favorite spots of this type of customer. 

Usually, they occupy a position in the marketing or some other department where there is currently nothing to do, so he was deputed to for example order a new website.


How about you start building websites for customers in WebWave website builder and find out for yourself, that these species exist ;)

Author: Tomasz Szwed

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