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Create websites for customers - these 5 WebWave functions will make this task easier

23 October 2019

Updated: 22nd September 2022

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Wordpress vs WebWave

Contrary to what you may think, professional web design does not require coding. With WebWave, building websites for clients is easier than ever. With functions such as working on the project for many people, the CMS panel, White Label, commenting on a website project, and simplified payments, you can easily build websites for your clients. In this post, we'll take a closer look at each of these 5 functions.

4 functions of WebWave

Work on the site by several webmasters

Let's say you are co-creating a project with other members of your team. Each of them will be able to edit it. You can also share the page you are working on with your client. 

How to use this function?

Select the page you want to share. Click More options and select Site access. Click Add new webmaster. Enter the email address of the person you want to enable to work on the site. That person will receive the email with an invitation. If the user registers with your link, you will receive a 30% commission. 

You can also edit access. By clicking More options you can delete the user or set him as the owner of the page - in the latter case the user will be able to edit the list of webmasters. This feature is especially useful if you want to give total control over the site to the client. You don't have to worry about what is going on with the project and the customer can make any changes on the site or commission it to other entities. 

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CMS panel

This is a page editing panel where you can give chosen permissions to other users. The higher the permissions, the more changes the user can make to the site. 

So if, for example, your client wants to add new articles to the blog himself, but wants to leave the rest of the website to you, all you have to do is give him appropriate permissions. There are 4 levels in WebWave:

User - this function allows the user to view the page without editing it. It is useful when you want to make your project available to a client before publishing your site on the internet. 

Editor - this is a type of account that allows the user to make changes to the content and add new articles. The editor cannot edit the page structure, i.e. he will not add or change subpages.

Editor-in-chief - this is an account that provides extensive editing options and allows to influence various aspects of the page. The editor-in-chief has access to more complex options, such as editing SEO settings and advanced options for changing text and elements.

Administrator - a type of user account that has the same options of editing the project as the webmaster. The appearance of the Administrator's panel is identical to the appearance of the webmaster's panel in the wizard. The administrator can add and edit subpages, add and remove elements, change their location and other parameters. He has the ability to modify templates, add articles and their designs. Options related to e-mail or SEO settings are also available to him. The website administrator, like the webmaster, can indicate which items are blocked for editing for people who have access to the CMS panel. 

How to use this function?

Select More options, then CMS Users. Now you can give users the appropriate permissions. 

To edit the option of changing an item from the CMS panel, select the item which you want to change. Then select or deselect CMS in the Allow editing section.

Contrary to what you may think, professional web design does not require coding. With WebWave, building websites for clients is easier than ever

White Label Websites

This feature hides the WebWave brand. You can change the logo and add your domain, so you can work under your brand and create a unique website address on your own subdomain. You can connect your own subdomain to customer sites, even if they have not purchased the Premium Package. 

How to use this function?

In the My company section of the Webmaster panel, select Enable white label. You can now replace the WebWave logo with your own. In the Agency domain field, enter your own domain name. Then the client site will go to your subdomain. The client cannot see that you use the WebWave wizard. This allows you to share even unpublished pages under your own brand.

You can also create a unique address for each page built in our wizard. Click the Change button next to the website address and enter the address of your choice.

Now it looks much more professional than a randomly generated string of signs. You can also publish this page on your subdomain without buying the Premium Package. 

You can configure e-mail servers in White Label as well.  Users' boxes are created on the contactform.info domain, which does not suggest affiliation with WebWave. 

Adding comments to the page design

Thanks to this function, you can consult the client on changes in the project on an ongoing basis. This significantly reduces the time needed to work on the website. You no longer have to exchange emails endlessly or have long conversations. All you need to do is provide the ordering party with a link where they will be able to enter comments.

How to use this function

This feature is available only to users with an active Agency account. On the right side of the top menu of the website builder, find the icon that will take you to comment mode. To share the link with the client, copy it by selecting the Send link option, which you will find in the top menu. Your client will be able to add comments even without a WebWave account.

To add a note to the page design, click the Add Comment button. Find the spot where you want to add a note and click it. Enter the text and confirm with the Add button.

If you or your client would like to reply to a comment, just click Reply and add the text. Comments can also be marked as complete. To do this, click on the ellipsis symbol and select Mark as complete. Then the color of the pinned comment will change from red to green. You can delete unnecessary comments.


Until recently, webmaster features were only available after paying for access to them. Now everyone can use them for free. Premium Packages are only necessary for connecting the website to the customer's domain. You have several options to buy them.

You can buy Premium Packages in bulk. Then they are much cheaper. When you choose this option, you settle with your clients yourself. Therefore, nothing prevents you from invoicing the customer for higher amounts than the cost of maintaining the Premium Package. Importantly, the packages you purchase in bulk will only become active when you connect them to the site. This option is required if you want to 100% use the white label function. Otherwise, your customers can see that you work with WebWave.

How to use this function?

In the Webmaster Panel, select Premium Packages, then click Buy Premium Packages. Choose one of the package purchase options - 1, 3, or 10.  Fill out the form with personal data and make the payment. The packages will go to your account and you will receive an invoice from us. If you want to buy more than 10 packages, please contact us by email. We will prepare an offer especially for you. 

To link the package to the client page, in the Premium Packages section of the Webmaster Panel, select Manage Packages. Click the Switch Premium Package to Page button and select the project with which you want to connect the package. 

You can also transfer the payment for the package to the customer.

Then he will pay for the Premium Package associated with his site. If the user pays the package from the link you sent him, you will receive a 30% commission.

How to use this function

Click the Enable Premium Package button and select the option Send bills to my client. Fill in the form with the customer's details and enter his e-mail address. We will then send your customer a payment link. After paying for the package, we issue an invoice to the client - so you don't have to do it yourself.   

To sum up, WebWave is a very useful tool that helps in creating websites for clients. Thanks to the ability to edit the page by several webmasters, the site is created much faster. It can also be presented to the client while it is being built. Sharing the CMS panel allows you to easily edit selected content without worrying about making unwanted changes. White Label allows you to work under your own brand. Wholesale purchase of Premium Packages makes them much cheaper. Thanks to switching payments to the customer you do not have to worry about the payment expiry date.

Detailed video instructions that will help you use each of the options described above can be found here. As you can see, WebWave is an excellent tool for creating websites for clients. 5 functions prepared especially for this task facilitate work and contact with the client. Don't wait, try WebWave today!

Author: Jan Chmielowski

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