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Features of WebWave Agency Account

06 May 2021

Updated: 15th September 2022

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Jak prowadzić działania marketingowe w mediach społecznościowych

We introduce many creative solutions at WebWave. To adapt our website builder to the needs of all users, we have created an agency account that will facilitate the process of designing commissioned pages and increase the prestige of your company. The plan offers many additional features you won't find in a regular account. Would you like to find out what they are?

Agency account - for whom?

If you create websites for your clients, an agency account is for you. With its help, you can get orders, design professional websites, and make money off them. This is the perfect solution if you are planning to set up websites for other people. Our goal was to create additional features and solutions and gather them into one account for all users focused on selling ready-made websites. This will make it easier to work on multiple projects at once and streamline the transaction process between you and your client. And what other things does our agency account offer?


Agency Account Benefits


Agencies site example


Working under your own brand - White Label

Thanks to the possibility of connecting a temporary URL, your client will see a professional-looking link to the website you are creating for them. The agency domain will look like this: clientsname.yourdomain.com. This will have a positive effect on the quality of your service - the address will look professional to the customer thanks to the personalised name. Its content will change only after it has been accepted by the buyer, and will then be transferred to the individually selected domain. 

Also, thanks to the White Label, you can add your company logo directly in the webmaster panel, which will be visible on the website to all customers and other visitors. These measures will help you build brand awareness and make your company look professional. As a result, they will start to reach out more often for the services you offer and recommend them to others. 


Sharing the CMS panel and commenting on the project

Each page created in WebWave has a built-in CMS panel, which you can easily share with your customers. Your users can then modify the items and content. As a creator, you will be able to assign your client a selected level of authorisation in the panel to avoid unwanted deletion or editing of elements. You can also specify the scope of objects that they will be able to change or, conversely, that they will not have access to. 

With the newly introduced feature, customers can leave comments anywhere on the site, which you can quickly respond to. This will certainly make communication and project work easier. 

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Creation of pages by multiple Webmasters

The WebWave agent panel allows multiple Webmasters to work on a project. This allows you to share the workload and each person can make their own adjustments. This capability also makes it easy to expand your business as you hire more web designers. 

Each subsequent user will be able to change nearly every element of the site, as well as view statistics and e-mail inboxes. However, they will not be able to delete the website or change its address. 


Transferring website bill to the customer

In WebWave, all payment notifications can be automatically generated and routed straight to the customer. This is quite convenient for anyone who wants to focus on web design without worrying about billing. Your workload will be reduced, giving you more time for web design itself. This feature is especially useful if you have many clients. 


Cheaper premium plans

Webwave agency plans

Each website requires hosting, an SSL certificate and should have an individual domain name. All of these are included in our premium plan. It costs $120 USD for 12 months. If you choose an agency account, the cost is only $30 USD. Thanks to this, you can add your commission and generate extra profits from each website - without your own contribution. I should note that each website connected to the premium plan will automatically be reported to Google, so the site will be indexed.


Create your own groups of elements

You will soon notice that some items on the page you are creating for Client X are similar to the ones you completed for Client Y. You can group such elements together and use them on different pages of the same site or other pages you create within your account. Copying elements can be very helpful. This way you won't have to set everything up manually each time. If the associated groups are customised for mobile views, the RWD settings will be retained for all projects to which you add the group. 

You can also create your own template designs and use them for subsequent jobs. This will certainly streamline your work and save you a lot of time. With this solution, experienced webmasters are able to design a simple website in 2-3 hours.


English Support

Webwave agency plans

If you have any problems, you can contact us at any time. Our chat is available Mon-Fri from 7 am to midnight and you can also contact us by phone from 7 am to 7 pm or by email. (BST,GMT+1 (London))

Our goal was to create additional features and solutions and gather them into one account for all users focused on selling ready-made websites.

Agency Account Summary

We understand that having a website may not be an end in itself, but only a necessary means to it. That's why we give you a tool that allows you to make a website yourself from start to finish with no programming experience.

We implement all solutions with our users in mind, so in WebWave there is no limit to the number of pages you can create. By choosing an agency account, you will design websites for your clients and build a professional image of your company. The tool allows you to cooperate with external clients under your own brand, which will help you promote your services. You can easily share the design with your clients and get their feedback.


Make the most out of our offer and start making money with WebWave

If you create multiple sites, email us at sales@webwavecms.com and get a personalised quote - tailored to your business.

Author: Paula Niziołek, Przemysław Pajdak

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