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Author:Paula Niziołek

What are the disadvantages of having a website?

We have already learned a few strong advantages. What are the downsides to having your own website? Let's find out.


One-off and fixed costs

Just designing and creating your own website is associated with costs. For this purpose, you can commission an agency or a private person. However, a better and definitely cheaper alternative will be to use website builders, such as WebWave, available on the market. You will find many ready-made templates or create a website completely from scratch! You don't need to be an expert to build a website or store yourself. Creating in the website builder is very simple. 

Running a website also involves fixed costs, such as hosting and maintaining the domain. In the case of WebWave, you will get the domain for a year for free, after this period its cost is only 25$ per year. 

With hosting, things are a bit different. When you use our website builder, its cost will be covered by your subscription. If you buy hosting yourself, the costs start from several dozen to even several hundred dollars per year. They depend on the size of the website and, above all, the amount of traffic.


You have to take care of positioning and marketing yourself

In order for having a website to make any sense, we need to take care of its positioning - for this we will need knowledge in the field of SEO and marketing. You have to remember that how you promote your company website will decide whether it will be successful or not. This requires the user to be able to optimize content, appropriate linking and knowledge of basic tools such as Google Analytics or Google Ads. In this case, we can also use the offer of an external company, but it involves additional costs.

A website is a great solution for even the smallest company - regardless of the type of business. If you are an artist, you have your own music band, or you are a photographer - the website will be perfect as your portfolio.

Will social media alone be enough for us?

We have already learned all the pros and cons of running a website. Many people, however, choose a simpler and free solution, which is to use social networks. Will this be sufficient?

Thanks to these social networks, we can easily connect with our audience, reach a large audience or build a community. The operating costs can be zero and the operation is so easy.

However, just appearing on Facebook or Instagram does not guarantee success. We need a budget for advertising campaigns so that our posts and materials can reach a wider audience. The costs of such activities may be of a similar magnitude as for running your website.

Another aspect is worth paying attention to. Suppose you want to find a seamstress in your area. I think you will agree with me that when looking for tailoring services, you will first enter the searched phrase in Google. In this case, hardly anyone will start looking for a tailor on Facebook or Instagram.


How to set up a company website?

If you've already decided to create your own website, you are probably wondering where to start.

Getting started is, in fact, not as difficult.

In addition to commissioning an external company to build your website, remember to use the WebWave website builder. Thanks to ready-made templates that you can easily adapt to your needs, you can create a store, website or blog on them. If you want, you can also create a page starting from scratch.


What information should your company website contain and what should you remember? 

Now that you know where to set up your website, it's worth thinking about what should be on it.

First, your website should make a good impression on the audience. For this purpose, you should choose the right graphics and photos and take care of the correct colors or fonts. The website should be transparent and designed according to current standards. It is also necessary to ensure its responsiveness, i.e. that it looks good on any device. 

When it comes to content, be sure to include relevant information. Convince your recipient why it is your services that they should use. Of course, contact details, information about the offer and the products you offer are very important. It is also worth adding price lists and a contact form to facilitate communication with your customers. A banner with the company's slogan will also be useful, as well as a good CTA - i.e. slogans encouraging you to take advantage of our offer. It is very important that you do not forget about marketing.

Speaking of marketing, there are many ways to promote your business online. Because of this variety, choosing the right tools and making the most out of them can be a challenge sometimes. That's why it's important to get to know all the tricks and tips on how to successfully include your small business website into your online marketing strategy. 



Having your own website will surely make your company look professional in the eyes of customers. You will have an influence on its appearance and how you would like to present your company. If you take the SEO topic seriously, you will be able to further promote your business. However, do not give up on social media. The best solution is to take advantage of all available types of promotions. You can't rest on your laurels - remember that the website itself is not enough for customers to find you. Be sure to also take care of marketing and promotion.

And if you've decided to create your website, but don't want to hire a specialist for a few thousand dollars, use the WebWave website builder!

You can easily create responsive websites without coding. In turn, on our blog you will find many free guides, with an extensive knowledge base on creating websites in our creator and more! 

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Are you planning to start a company or business and wondering if it is worth creating your own website? You probably have already thought about using only free tools (such as Facebook or Instagram) for promotion and thus save on the costs of building and maintaining the website. But is that enough?

Currently, it is impossible to run a company without its presence on the Internet. When looking for selected services, customers often use the Google search engine, which is why it is so important that your potential recipients can find you. So is it worth investing in your own website or only using free tools? What are the pros and cons of having a website? Read the article and find out!

Website - for Whom?

A website is a great solution for even the smallest company - regardless of the type of business.

If you are an artist, you have your own music band, or you are a photographer - the website will be perfect as your portfolio. In turn, each owner with writing skills will find themselves in running his own blog. People involved in trade will certainly be interested in setting up an online store. There are many examples, but the conclusion is one - virtually everyone might need a website.


Why is it worth setting up a website?

There are advantages and disadvantages to having and running your own website. First, let's take a look at the advantages of this solution.


Only you decide about your website

It is worth remembering that we will never become the owner of our Facebook page, we can only be its moderator. We will always be dependent on the social network, which may block our account or delete our site at any time. In this case, we cannot be sure that we will not lose all of our audience or the content we have been working on for several years at some point. This situation has already happened to many companies and has always brought with it unpleasant consequences.


You will take care of the image

With a website, your company will become more credible. Recipients will be able to read recommendations and opinions of other clients, or see the company's achievements or projects so far. A website will always look more professional than a regular Facebook fanpage. 

Additionally, if you decide to enrich your website with a blog, you will start to be treated as an expert in your field, which will definitely increase the trust of your audience.


You will have an influence on its appearance 

You will create the look of your website from scratch, choose the dominant colors and decide what additional solutions you intend to place on it. It is very important that your website looks attractive. For this purpose, take care of a professional graphic design and UX functionality - here you will find more information on this topic: Best UX practices - how to create a user-friendly website.


Your offer will be available 24 hours a day 

Potential customers will be able to search for information about your services at any time. So let's put a price list and product details on it.

You can also add a contact form on the website to facilitate communication with your company. A chatbot that will answer customer questions 24 hours a day is also an ideal solution.


You will be able to set up your own online store

More people are shopping online than ever before. Setting up an online store is therefore an ideal way to increase your sales income. Additionally, you will be able to promote selected products online. You don't have to invest in the premises to set up a store in any industry. Currently, there are many companies on the market that earn only from online sales.

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Updated: 22nd September 2022 

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25 March 2021

How starting a website can affect your business

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