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Radio Nowy Świat website - how to create a website quickly thanks to WebWave

28 May 2020

Published: 28th May 2020

Reading time: 5 min

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Radio Nowy Świat is a new radio station created by journalists until recently associated with the Third Program of Polish Radio. The idea for its creation came to light on April 18, 2020. The creators of the project decided to collect the funds necessary to start on the Internet. They managed to accumulate over a million zlotys.

What does this story have to do with creating websites in WebWave? Radio Nowy Świat website was created in our website builder! In this example, we want to show that WebWave is a great tool for promotion on the web for everyone who wants to create a functional website as quickly as possible.

Creating a website is crucial for any organization, foundation, or company. It helps build brand awareness and gives you full control over the form and content of the message.

Radio nowy świat

Why use WebWave to create your first website

Creating a website using a website builder does not take much time. A simple site can be built even in one evening. Little time has passed from the idea of establishing Radio Nowy Świat to creating a radio station website. Thanks to this, the creators of the site could take advantage of the moment when the new initiative of former employees of Radio Three got loud in the media.

WebWave also allows many people to work on the site, even before it is published on the Internet. This feature further speeds up the work on the site. The page created in the website builder can be easily modified after publishing on the Internet. This allows you to quickly add new items or make corrections.

What's more, thanks to WebWave, everyone can make a site, including people with no experience. Operating these types of programs is intuitive and should not be a problem for people who know how to operate a computer in a basic way.

Costs are also of considerable importance. Start-up companies, foundations or associations rarely have large funds to start. That is why every penny counts at the beginning of operations.

Ordering a website can cost thousands. The cost of maintaining your site should also be taken into account. Creating a website in WebWave is free, and the Premium Package, thanks to which you can publish a website under any domain and position it on Google, costs $10 net of tax per month.

Join over 400 000 WebWave users and create websites with a true drag and drop website builder.

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What should be on a simple website

Radio Nowy Świat website is a good example of a simple yet functional project. It contains the most important elements that make the site useful from the point of view of its creators and users.

Main Menu

This is an essential element that facilitates navigation. In the case of Radio Nowy Świat website there are only 3 elements of the menu - links to the "Mission" and "News" sections and a button that leads to the collection page at Patronite. Even with such an uncomplicated website, creating a menu is necessary. Users are accustomed to this element and its absence may discourage them from browsing the site.

Home Page

This is a web page that users most often come first to. That is why it is important when it comes to the effectiveness of the website. The website of Radio Nowy Świat is one-page. This means that its individual sections are located one below the other and to the next parts you can go not only through the main menu, but also by scrolling. Therefore, in this case, the main page will be the part of it that is visible immediately after the page loads.

Radio nowy świat 2

The main purpose of Radio Nowy Świat website is to raise money for launching the station. Therefore, at the top of the page, the CTA (short for Call to Action) button has been put in two places. It leads the user to a collection site on Patronite.

Mission of Radio Nowy Świat

This section is a good place to introduce the organization. This goal is fulfilled by a text written by Magda Jethon - the editor-in-chief of the radio. Its task is to explain the purpose of the collection and briefly describe the project's assumptions.

Radio nowy świat mission


Here, users will find the latest news related to the creation of the radio station. The "News" section has two functions. First of all, it informs users about changes and makes the site do not feel "abandoned". Secondly, thanks to frequent updates, Google robots rate the entire site better.

Radio nowy świat  2


This is the item at the bottom of the page. Links to radio profiles on social media can be found here. It's also a good place to put contact details.

Nowy Świat radio

Creating a website is crucial for any organization, foundation, or company. It helps build brand awareness and gives you full control over the form and content of the message.

A good site doesn't have to be complicated!

The example of Radio Nowy Świat shows that at the beginning you do not need an extensive website. Even a simple site with basic information can do its job. All you have to do is display the most important data on it.

In addition, the page created in this way can be easily expanded and enriched with new features. WebWave developers are constantly working on the possibilities of the website builder and introduce new features important from the user's point of view several times a month. That is why thanks to our tool you can easily develop your website and attract new users.

Author: Jan Chmielowski

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