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Get most out of digital marketing in 2022

16 June 2022

Updated: 16th September 2022

Reading time: 8 min

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Online presence is crucial to business success. It’s definitely not a groundbreaking statement, rather frankly obvious. There’s a catch, though. You can’t be just present online. Having an outdated website or social media profiles with random posts can make more harm than good. Online marketing requires strategy. When conducted well, it can be a very cost-efficient key to success, even in times of uncertain economy. 

How to keep up with all those rapid changes and trends in digital marketing? Read this article and find out what really pays off. 


Digital marketing tip no. 1: Update your website’s design

Even the most clueless in web design person will spot an outdated website. And will most definitely leave it as soon as possible. As Top Design Firms reports, 50% of consumers considers web design to be crucial in the process of brand building. When it comes to web design preferences, 41% of respondents favors simple web design while 59% expects something stunning, as a survey conducted by Adobe shows. 

It doesn’t matter if you create the website yourself using a website builder or have it done by a professional web designer, your website should be modern enough to gain visitors’ trust. It’s worth being aware of the latest trends in web design in order to make changes when needed. 

Modern and smart web design manifests itself not only on a graphic level. It also means responsive web design and following UX rules. 

Responsive web design means that your website is adjusted to the screens of mobile devices. Considering that we open our phones approximately every 5 minutes during the day, it would be a real shame not to have a mobile-friendly website. 

User experience (UX) is often neglected by businesses. It’s a huge mistake and missed opportunity. Making sure that your website follows usability rules can translate into higher conversion rates, longer dwell time. 

UX is especially important if you have an online store. Customers usually tell their friends when they have a bad online experience. Which means you will not only lose one unsatisfied client but also many potential ones.

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Digital marketing tip no. 2: Clients want information

Your potential clients want information, and they are looking for it. So why don’t you meet them halfway and provide them with the best knowledge about your business? 

Update your website and social media profiles. Build your credibility by adding contact information and a description of your business. Make sure that this information is easily found on your page. Don’t hide it if you want to gain your customers’ trust. 

Also, being upfront about what you do is a great chance to actually create a narrative about your business. It allows you to take over control. 

The most basic info as well as answers to the FAQ should be on your website. However, your clients might also have questions that can’t be answered in a simple FAQ section. Make sure to have a chat widget on your website as well as keep your DMs open on your social media profiles. 

Once you decide to carry out a conversational marketing strategy, you have to set some rules. How long a customer is willing to wait for a response? 4 to 6 hours is considered an optimal time frame. Another question that you need to find the answer to is what your tone is. Do you want to be professional or approachable and friendly? Your communication should be cohesive to be profitable. 


Digital marketing tip no.3: Don't forget about SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the core elements of digital marketing. It would be a real shame not to pay a proper attention to it. 

SEO audit

Foremost, don’t forget about regular SEO audits. SEO audit allows you to check if your website follows the best practices. It should cover both technical and structural aspects as well as content like sitemaps and keywords. It results with a plan of how to make up the issues and clear recommendations. 

SEO trends and strategy

One thing that really determines if your SEO actions will be successful are Google core updates and whether you pay attention to them. They are significant changes that Google make in the algorithm. They affect how the websites are ranked and indexed, meaning they basically change the SEO rules. 

Not following core updates makes it hard to actually create an effective SEO strategy. 

When it comes to SEO trends, experts point out the shift in the character of the highest ranking searches. They become more branded and answer based. It is connected to the increasing number of paid searches that makes ranking high organic content more unattainable. 

Branded search is any search query that includes your company, brand, business or a product. The client has a high intent of finding your website, that’s why it’s important to rank high on SERP and make sure that will actually find what they are looking for. 

Even though scoring a top spot on SERP in branded search seems easy, it can cause some trouble sometimes. That’s why you should make sure that your communication is cohesive, you always use only one brand name that is clear and visible on your website. 

The second emerging trend, answer based content, is the solution to customers asking questions through Google search. To rank high, you need to know your niche. Your answers should be targeted to a specific audience and answer a specific query. Make sure, that they are very substantial and complete. 




Digital marketing is a very powerful tool that can allow you to step up your game and really succeed in business. However, it is set in a very dynamic environment, and that’s why it is extremely important to update your knowledge as often as possible. Knowing what is happening and constantly adapting is the best way to make a use out of online marketing.

Author: Monika Buchelt

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