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Personal branding - how to start your own brand

08 February 2022

Updated: 15th September 2022

Reading time: 7 min

Personal Branding

Certainly, some of you may have heard of the term "brand", but this time we will explore its personal dimension. You can also build the power of your brand on affiliate marketing principles. What does personal branding mean? Can it really help us to achieve our goals, or is it just a marketing fad?


Personal branding - what is it?  

It is a marketing strategy that is based on building a reputation and, among other things, thereby increasing your value in the labor market.

Usually when we speak of a brand, we think of a company or a product, but in fact we can already establish here that every person is also a brand. Everything of what we represent by ourselves - influences the way we are perceived. 


Phases of personal branding 


  • Clarifying yourself

Establishing a unique voice - own beliefs on important (according to ourselves) topics, identifying the qualities we have that others do not. 

  • Target group

We define our niche, so it will be easier to create a branding strategy.

  • Building a reputation

Introducing yourself to others.

  • Networking and cooperation

Reach an audience of other brands (companies, individuals, etc.) and establish your reputation and credibility more deeply.

  • Competitor analysis

Examining your competition helps you identify opportunities for further growth.

  • Feedback

Asking others what they think of us and how they think we feel about certain issues will help us decide if we need to change marketing strategies and refine our brand voice.

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What will help us build personal brand

Focus and purpose

By defining our goal, we are better able to specify the actions we need to take to reach it as soon as possible. 

The SMART concept

Let's start by saying that the name SMART is really 'smart' because it is:

- Specific 

M - Measurable 

A - Attractive 

R - Realistic 

T - Time


It is nothing more than a set of principles that we should follow when defining our goal, e.g. in a project, but in the case of building our own brand it can also come in handy.


Authenticity - sincerity in what we do

It is equally about being honest with the people around us, our observers, but also with ourselves.

It is also worth remembering that if we do something because we think it is right, we are likely to do it better and with more dedication. 



Pursuit of the goal, motivation and regularity. Creating a personal brand will be demanding, it is like working 24/7, and it is not about making our private life public in front of everyone. Where we place the barrier is entirely our decision. It's about continuity. Since the brand is us, we also have to believe in it and improve it non-stop. 


Prepare for possible failures 

We may think that when we create our own brand, everything we say and do should be perfect, but it is not. We have to be ready for failures. It is inevitable. However, we should not feel demotivated by it, on the contrary. Probably each of us has heard at least once that you need to learn from your mistakes. 


An open mind

Our views, our experiences are important. We cannot give them up, just for the sake of a new image, but this does not mean that we should stick only to what we know well. It is worth listening to others and educating ourselves constantly in various categories.


Where to create your brand? 

Browsing through social media, we have become accustomed to the fact that many people share every aspect of their lives and some may find this fact intimidating, but remember that when creating your personal brand, we are the ones who draw the line. There are many celebrities who don't divulge details about private matters - sometimes we don't even know if someone is in a relationship, has a family etc.


Social media

Having accounts on various social media platforms makes it significantly easier to establish relationships. If we own a company, this is how we have the chance to show our human side. 

Which media we choose as our main channel depends, among other things, on what we want to communicate.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok - each will have slightly different audiences, priorities and form of communication.

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Website for Personal Branding

Here the choice is quite large. You can bet on a simple page a'la CV or create something like an online portfolio

If we are involved in graphic design, web development, photography, etc., it is worth presenting them interactively. Of course, no one is forbidding us from creating a more elaborate platform on which we write about our services or maintain a blog.

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Author: Kaja Rowicka

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