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Tu dowiesz się, jak zrobić stronę internetową.

Chcesz być na bieżąco?

Choosing the right keywords and applying them properly can be a great investment that will keep your website traffic steady.

Nowadays SEO should not be just a "thing to do", but an absolute necessity.

When you promote a new article on social media, you start at zero each time.

The advantage of SEO is that if the article is written well once, it promotes itself.

Being in the top search rankings generates new visitors all the time. 

Do you know, what you should pay attention to when writing on a website


Title - H1

The most important word or phrase should always be in the title of the article.

Even a small grammatical variation can cause your text to miss the search.

When it comes to content, Google is the first one who reads the H1 tag and decides whether it matches user search inquiry.

Keep in mind that:

  • the title of your article should always be an H1 tag; 
  • H1 tag should always be contained in meta title;
  • there should be only one H1 tag in an article;
  • the key phrase should be in the beginning, not the end. 

Most CMS systems, including Webwave, automatically set the title tag as H1.


Subtitle  - H2

The subtitle should be the place where you reuse the target key phrase.

It is important to format it as H2 tag.

H2 tells the search engine that this is the second most important part of your article, right after H1. 

If it contains about 150 characters, you can copy the subtitle to the meta description.


Headers - H3

In the article, there is also a place for headlines that divide the whole content and make it easy to read.

By placing a keyword in the headlines, and also formatting it as an H3 tag, Google will get information that besides H1 and H2, it should also read the H3.

Usually, SEO is no longer using H4 and H5 tags, although it does not interfere with optimization.

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First 100 words

The basic keyword should also be included in the first 100 words of the article (paragraph).

The sentence should be written exactly the same with the original key phrase.



Historically, SEO has set specific keyword density guidelines.

This is the number of keywords divided by the number of words in the article and should not exceed 2% to 8%.

Therefore, too exaggerated is not allowed.



Sometimes, while saving the article, the system generates a link that loses some of the letters such as "a" and "and".

If that happens to you, and the lost letters are a part of the key phrase - add them. 

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Meta description

If the subtitle is well optimized and has about 150 characters, it can also be used as a meta description.

Typically, a field for entering description meta can be found in any content management system.

If the subtitle is well optimized and has about 150 characters, it can also be used as a meta description.

Picture description

When adding an image in CMS systems, there often are some fields for describing it.

The most common are the title and description. 

To be specific, the SEO title and the ALT tag.

They too influence SEO. 


Image file

When you add images to an article, make sure that their names are connected to the topic and contain some of the keywords.

This, along with the addition of alternate text, can help get them in the Google graphics, which ultimately translates into website traffic.


In website builders, SEO on-site is a piece of cake.

Try yourself. 

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Author: Tomasz Szwed. For over 10 years I analyze customers needs and propose the best solutions. Next, I watch over the whole process of designing websites - from first prototypes to working website. Personally, I'm a big fan of board games

20 August 2018


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