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Using WebWave you can easily create many types of pages. Use one of the free, responsive and easy-to-edit templates, or start a project with a "blank card". In any case, you can be sure that you will build a unique, functional and, above all, effective website that will attract many users. Try WebWave and see how to use its functions in practice now!

Applications, e-books, training and other digital products sell best on landing pages specially created for this purpose. These types of sites usually contain few pages. Thanks to this, the navigation is simple and the user can easily make a purchase.

The App template has been designed so that the user can quickly download the file to their device - the download button is clearly displayed in the first view that is displayed to the user.


The Gallery Page is a place where you can present your offer in an attractive way, share screenshots from an e-book or application and accurately describe the product.

The "About Us" section was created to help describe the company and present its mission. Thanks to this, you will stop being anonymous in the eyes of users. This way you will increase their trust.


The website of the company offering services is an ideal place for the presentation of completed projects. By using our templates you can present your achievements - for example, post a portfolio or add Case Studies.

At WebWave you will find many templates for the service sector - from medical office designs, to football schools, to cafes.



In each of them we have paid special attention to the opportunity to accurately present the scope of work. In addition, we have exposed contact or appointing meetings functions.


An effective method of promoting a company is the publication of Case Studies. These are thorough analysis of specific implementations, in which you can show how the solutions you propose work in practice. In the template for companies you will find a page on which to publish such materials.


An important element of the company website is the Google map. Thanks to it, users will easily find you "in real life". You can easily add this element to your company's WebWave template.

Every company should be visible on the internet. It is currently one of the best ways to reach customers. Creating a company page in the WebWave will help build a professional image and get a good position in Google search results.




WebWave company website templates allow, above all, to display the offer well. Users will see your product range as soon as they enter the website. The visible contact form will make it easier to ask questions or arrange a business meeting. The ability to add customer reviews will increase your credibility.


Everyone who is engaged in creative work needs a portfolio. This is a chance to present your skills and gain customers. When creating a page from a portfolio, you cannot forget about its appearance. It will be not only a place where you show your creativity, but also an aesthetic sense. What your site looks like shows a good taste.

The portfolio template available in WebWave enables the presentation of images using various types of galleries. You can choose from, among others, mosaic, sliders and lightboxes. You can add many visual effects to graphics, such as Parallax or Ken Burns effect. Each graphic can be enlarged, which gives users the opportunity to look at the details.


A large number of graphics can slow down the loading of the website. At WebWave, we prevent this. The files are automatically converted to the WebP format, making it possible to "slim down" the size of graphics without loss of quality.


The portfolio page should also allow for quick contact. That is why the "Contact" web page with the data necessary to start cooperation and the "About me"web page were displayed here.

The Portfolio template lets you publish customer reviews. Positive opinions from people who have used your services prove that you are a trustworthy contractor.



You can change, rearrange, duplicate or delete all elements of the article pattern. Thanks to this, you will give your blog an individual character.

Article templates speed up work on entries. Thanks to them, you don't have to worry about the graphic consistency of entries.


Adding new entries on the page is also simple. All you have to do is select "News" from the menu at the top of the website builder window, then click "News manager". Now you can create an entry based on existing designs or create a new design.

Running a blog is no longer just a hobby. The most popular creators can count on considerable profits from advertising or cooperation with sponsors. The blog market has become very professional. If you take blogging seriously, you need a platform that allows you to create a professional website. You'll put content you create on it.

WebWave will be great in this role. When creating a blog template, we paid special attention to the presentation of the articles. On the main page you will find a place for a short presentation.



Below is a list of article categories. Thematic division makes it easier for readers to find content that interests them.

The latest articles appear under the category list. Thanks to this, recipients know that the blog is updated frequently.

Each article is illustrated with a large photo, which, combined with a short text announcing the article, attracts the attention of readers.

In the list of popular articles you can highlight the content that most interest your recipients. This will make them easier to access. At the bottom of the page there is a section where you can further describe yourself and your blog, as well as a form for subscribing to the newsletter.

The pages with articles contain links to similar entries. This will keep the reader on the blog longer.

Website navigation is as simple as possible. The menu is single-level, except for the extensive section of articles, in which entries are divided into categories. This makes it easier to find specific content.

The footer includes links to the most important web pages and social media icons. Thanks to them, readers will easily find you on Facebook or Instagram.


Table of contents

Contrary to some opinions, website creators are very flexible tools. You can easily create pages with many different functions - from a blog, to a portfolio, to a company website. In this post, we'll look at WebWave as a tool to create some of the most popular types of sites.

A blog? A portfolio? A company website? What sites can you create using the website builder?

16 July 2020

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