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WebWave AI Website Builder

Generate a website with one click and change whatever you want.


With WebWave AI you can create a stunning website in no time.
Our innovative AI website generator will create a website tailored to your needs.

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WebWave AI Website Builder - video
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WebWave AI Website Builder Roadmap.

We introduce WebWave AI in 3 phases. Check out what features are already available and what's next to come. As always, we can't wait to hear your feedback. So test WebWave AI and let us know what you think.

August 22, 2023

AI Writer

Use AI to generate content for your website. From headlines to blog posts, have it all in seconds. 

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AI Builder 1.0

Test the 1.0 version of WebWave AI Builder and generate a multipage website from a description.

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October 4, 2023

March, 2024

AI Builder 2.0

Thanks to your feedback on the 1.0
version, get ready for outstanding results. Upcoming features: AI Store and AI Blog.

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Change whatever you want.
Pixel Perfect Drag and Drop.

WebWave’s drag and drop interface is inspired by graphic design tools. It means that you can position elements anywhere on the canvas. There are no predefined sections, boxes, or stiff layouts. And it still applies when you create a website with AI. Once it’s generated, you can change everything.
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How does AI Website Builder work?

All you have to do is click “AI website”, and describe the goal of your website, your business, or what you do. Our advanced algorithm will convert the information and create a website just for you. 

WebWave AI Website Builder

1. Share your vision with AI

Your description shouldn’t be longer than 35 words, which makes the entire process fast and effective. Don’t worry about the overly-complicated details. Write a quick description, and AI will take care of everything else.

WebWave AI Website Builder

2. All you need is one click

Just click the “Generate” button and it will transfer you to the website builder immediately. There you will see the full version of your website. Tailored to your goals, needs, and industry.

WebWave AI Website Builder

3. Your image, colors and fonts

When you create a website with WebWave AI, you have total control over its look. AI will generate the layout, images, color palette, and fonts that will suit your description best. Of course, later, you can still tweak everything with drag and drop editor.

WebWave AI Website Builder

4. Copy tailored to your needs

WebWave AI writer will fill your page with copy that will reflect your brand’s character. Every section will stand out thanks to copy that grabs attention, engages, and converts.

WebWave AI Website Builder

5. Optimize your copy and scale your site

Thanks to the SEO optimization feature, your copy will not only enamor visitors but also algorithms, which will ultimately lead to more traffic and clients.

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WebWave AI Website Builder

AI website, your accomplishment.

WebWave AI is here to help you turn your vision into reality. But it’s still your vision.
Just click the “AI website” button and experience the new era of web design.

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WebWave AI Writer.
Generate your website copy with one click.

Have you ever wondered how to save time and money on copywriting? We bring you the tool that changes the game. Meet WebWave AI Writer - your personal copywriter generating outstanding copy for your website in no time! 

Discover the endless possibilities

Forget about the frustrating process of turning ideas into words. Now you get access to powerful AI that perfectly understands your needs. WebWave AI Writer is not just a copy-generating tool. It’s your private support in the creative process, that drives both inspiration and final solutions.

WebWave AI Website Builder
WebWave AI Website Builder

Your personal copywriter

Are you tired of spending hours in front of the screen trying to write a perfect copy? Or maybe writing is not really your thing? You don’t have to worry about that anymore. WebWave AI Writer gives you a magic pen. With just one click you can generate a perfect copy.

All you need is just the vision

Choose the type and tone of the text that you want to create. It could be anything from an “exciting headline”, to “witty body text”, or “convincing product description”. Then write a brief and general description of what the text should be about. Share your vision with AI.

WebWave AI Website Builder
WebWave AI Website Builder

Polish your copy

You got the text from the WebWave AI writer but are not sure that's it? Do you want to change the text? Say no more! With the “Rewrite” feature you can experiment with different versions and enjoy the richness of new ideas. You can also change singular elements by yourself.

WebWave AI Website Builder

The next stop is content optimization

WebWave AI writer not only generates the copy but also makes sure that your website will rank high in search engines. Thanks to SEO optimization features your copy will be more than just a text. It will be your ticket to the consciousness of your potential clients. All with one click.

WebWave AI Website Builder

AI text, your accomplishment

Copy created by WebWave AI Writer is original and high quality. You can take it as it comes or keep working on it. Once you’re ready, just click “Save” and the copy will become an integral part of your website. Save time and effort by entering the future with WebWave AI Writer.


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How does the WebWave AI website generator work?


The WebWave AI website builder uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to parse users' preferences and specifics about their business. Depending on these inputs, the AI tool generates a website customized to these specifics within minutes. You don't need to worry about design elements or the website creation process, as AI handles it all.


Is it easy to generate your website using this AI website builder?

Absolutely, this is what the AI website builder is designed for. It simplifies the website creation process, allowing you to build a professional website in minutes using AI. You're typically asked one or a series of questions about your business and the type of website you're looking to create, and then the AI generates your site based on your responses.


Can I create an online store using the WebWave AI website builder?

Yes, of course, you can create an online store. The power of artificial intelligence is used to understand the type of website you want to create - whether it's a blog, professional website, or an online store. Artificial intelligence tools create your website accordingly once you have a clear website description. With WebWave, you can easily create product pages, add product descriptions, and upload images of your products. You can also set up categories and subcategories to help customers easily navigate your store.


What makes the WebWave AI Website Builder unique from WordPress, Wix, 10web, or Hostinger AI website builders?

WebWave isn't just another AI website builder. The Pixel Perfect Drag and Drop interface inspired by graphic design programs allows you to design your website easily, with skills that you already have.  The AI will help generate a whole website tailored to your needs, and then you can use our editor with a freeform canvas. There are no restrictive sections, boxes, or stiff layouts. To put it simply, you can change whatever you want. And those rules apply to websites made from scratch, from the template, and AI-powered websites as well. It means that the website made with AI, can be later entirely edited. Not every AI website maker gives you such an opportunity. 


How does artificial intelligence help create a professional website with the WebWave AI Website Builder?

Artificial intelligence in WebWave is designed to make the process of creating websites easier and more efficient. When you describe your business, artificial intelligence tools analyze the information and create an industry-optimized website with a design and functionality that best suits your needs. Here's how to create a professional website in seconds. With its ability to analyze data and recognize patterns, AI can assist in creating a professional website that meets your specific needs and expectations.


Is there a free trial or a free version of WebWave AI Website Builder?

While specifics may vary, most AI website builders, including WebWave, can be used for free. This allows you to test the web-building capabilities of their AI tools, generate a website, and observe the potential of their AI-powered platform before making a payment.


How do I build a website using this AI-powered solution?

To build your website with the help of AI, start by providing information about your business, and describe your website needs and preferences. The AI website creator then generates your online presence in minutes. The AI tool will guide you with suggestions to customize your website according to your requirements.  


Is this the best AI website builder available right now?

Different users evaluate AI technology's capabilities and use in website-building tools differently. Some might prefer 10Web AI website builder, Hostinger, Framer, or Durable, while others prefer WebWave due to its advanced generative AI capabilities that simplify the website creation process and drag-and-drop interface. It certainly is among the top AI website generators in 2023. 


What does an AI-generated website look like?

With the advancements in artificial intelligence, it is now possible for websites to be generated entirely by AI. These websites can vary greatly in their appearance, style, and functionality. However, there are some common characteristics of AI-generated websites. One of the most notable features of an AI-generated website is its ability to personalize content based on user behavior. 


How long does it take to build a website with WebWave's AI?

This artificial intelligence website builder can create your website in just a few minutes. Exact times may vary depending on the complexity of your requirements and the level of detail of your specifications, but the website-building process is much faster than it would be without the help of artificial intelligence.


Can I SEO optimize my website using the WebWave AI Website Builder?

Absolutely, one of the key benefits of the WebWave AI Website Builder is its automatic SEO optimization feature. The AI web design elements in the builder can optimize your website for both search engines and mobile viewing, providing an elevated user experience. So, yes, you can certainly optimize your website using the built-in AI tools on WebWave.


Can I create a website with AI even if I have no expertise in web design?

Yes, you can. That's the beauty of using an AI website builder to create your online presence. WebWave's AI Website Builder is designed for anyone looking to create a professional website without any prior web design experience. The AI assists you throughout the process, making it an extremely user-friendly tool. AI website builders are designed to simplify the process of creating a website by automating most of the tasks involved in web design. These builders use algorithms and machine learning to analyze your content and design preferences and then generate a website that matches your requirements. You don't have to worry about anything


Is the AI Website Builder by WebWave a free AI tool?

Yes, WebWave is a free AI website builder. You can create professional websites without incurring any cost. It's a cost-effective way to establish an online presence with a professional-looking website.


Can I build my entire website with the help of AI using the WebWave AI Website Builder?

Yes, you can build your entire website using WebWave with the power of artificial intelligence. You need only describe your business, and the AI will create a uniquely crafted website to cater to your business's needs. Not just the homepage, but every page needed to capture your goals.


How does AI improve the user experience with a website?

AI improves user experience by creating a professional website that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. It optimizes your website for all platforms, ensuring that your site is mobile-friendly and performs well in search engine rankings. By doing so, AI greatly enhances the user experience for your online presence.


Where else can I use AI in website creation?

Artificial intelligence has changed the website-building process. Beyond website generation, AI can be used to predict user behavior, improve search engine optimization, automate customer service through chatbots, improve user experience through personalization, and increase a website's online visibility. Essentially, the role of artificial intelligence in website building is not just construction – it can also help with optimization.


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