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Freelance work for a web designer: where do you find jobs?

09 January 2020

Updated: 22nd September 2022 

Reading time: 6 min 

Webdesign Thinking

Imagination, sense of aesthetics and proportions to create beautiful projects is all you need to create functional websites. With WebWave, you can become a webmaster, even if you've never been attracted to learning coding.

How to be more creative

Website designs can be made for companies that are just starting out and need an aesthetic, inexpensive and fully functional website, but without opening recruitment for a permanent employee.

Cooperation with a marketing agency has its advantages, however, for small companies it is primarily associated with high costs and obligations. Cooperation with a freelancer implies greater flexibility, lower costs and lower commitments - for both sides.

Therefore, more and more enterprises and start-ups are deciding to conclude contracts with people who remotely perform "digital" services - freelancers. It could also be you!

How to get the first customers, where to look for orders for a website and how to settle the work done?

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How to get customers to create websites?

Customers are not always aware that creating their dream website requires different competences. Jobs that can often be found on the web involve building a "ready" site: with layout (graphics), content (copywriting) and a good position in Google (SEO). It means that comprehensive services are of high demand - and here comes the opportunity for you.

You do not have to be fluent in HTML, CSS and JS to build professional websites. Use WebWave to implement the "technical" aspects of coding a page, which you will further supplement with what is your specialty. This solution works especially in such industries as copywriting, SEO, graphic design and marketing.

Services with remote job advertisements for freelancers

Start searching for customers by visiting advertising sites for freelancers. There are a lot of them in, but not all of them are regularly updated with new applications, and some require purchasing paid access to offers. Unfortunately, on the most popular pages you will find spam and you'll encounter bidding for the lowest price.

Against this background, the only Polish professional portal for freelancers stands out, Useme.eu? New jobs appear every day there. At Useme, you can also issue an invoice to your client, even if you don't have your own business.

Social networking sites are another place to look for jobs. Here the differences are bigger: by far Facebook is most effective with its thematic groups. Some of them are updated even several times a day, and contact with a potential customer is easy.

You don't have to start your own business to do the jobs: customers can sign the appropriate contract with you or you can settle accounts through the freelancers portal

How to settle up with clients?

According to the regulations, even an orally concluded contract applies to both parties, but in practice it is good to carefully set the terms of cooperation and payment. The clearer your agreement, the greater the comfort of your work will be.

What contract you make and how you settle it with your client depends on whether you have a business or are a natural person.

Companies willingly establish cooperation with other companies, because invoice or invoice based settlements are the cheapest and easiest to settle in accounting. If you don't have a company, the client can offer you a work contract.

The alternative is the already mentioned solution proposed by Useme: a work contract is concluded with you by a portal that also settles taxes and sends your customer a VAT invoice.

You can also help them create a roadmap template that both parties can follow. 


How to become a Webmaster thanks to WebWave - how to start?

Creating websites in the WebWave can be a good complement to services in which you already have experience: copywriting, SEO copywriting, positioning or graphic design. How to become a web designer?

You don't have to start your own business to do the jobs: customers can sign the appropriate contract with you or you can settle accounts through the freelancers portal. The easiest way for you to find your first customers is through networking among your friends or existing customers.

If you are looking for new clients, try your hand at Polish and foreign freelance ad portals and social media, where it's easiest to get in touch.

Author:  Jan Chmielowski

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