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New features introduced in 2022.

More detailed description of new features and a discussion on them you can find on WebWave's Facebook Group, here.



3rd October 2022

  • Clicking the caption in the image grid immediately edits the title of that image, this will speed up the editing of image titles in this item;

  • We have improved the compression of PNG files added to the library, the files reduce their size without loss of quality, which speeds up page loading;

  • When you create a page for a client and transfer that page to their WebWave account, you continue to receive a commission. This increases the agency's ability to work comfortably with the client and receive recurring revenue.

  • "Panels" on smaller screens disappear with a delay. This improves the work on smaller screens



28th October 2022

  • We have added the ability to launch interactions while designing the website. This makes it easy to edit the elements or groups shown after an interaction, e.g. a popup triggered by a button, or edit blog pages by going directly from the newsfeed to an article;

  • We added the ability to name your compositions. This will make it easier to organize elements when using them on several pages;

  • We added the ability to use the IndexNow service from Bing. You can now upload a Bing verification file to have the page automatically sent to be indexed by Bing during publication.

  • We improved the loading speed of pages with stores. Now stores created in the wizard load much faster and get better results in loading speed tests.

  • We updated the appearance of some popups according to the new "Design "System".

  • It is possible to move a layer or group to a closed other group, this will make it easier to organize multiple layers in the "Layer Panel";

  • It is possible to change the language of the wizard from the "Webmaster Panel". This allows you to change the language of the application;


18th October 2022

  • UI colors update. This new colors are clearer, more modern and contrasting.

  • Newsfeed remembers, which articles it displayed. This feature will make it easier to browse blog articles.


10th October 2022

  • In-store payments via PayPal. From now on, store owners can receive payments to their PayPal accounts;

  • Increased length limit of messages sent from the store to the customer. This makes it possible to send customers, for example, more extensive information about a purchased product;

  • We have accelerated the loading of published pages. This time, the LCP time for pages that have a dominant image on the page start screen will shorten.

  • From now on, if you mistakenly delete a website, just contact our support the same day and your website will be restored right away. Previously, we had to restore such a website from a backup, and it took several days, so the process has been significantly shortened.



29th September 2022

  • We've migrated infrastructure responsible for serving published websites to completely new servers. Thanks to this update, published websites will load much faster and will be more stable.

  • You can set a custom currency in the online store as long as you're not using online payments. With this feature, you can configure your store to use any currency from the planet.

  • We've moved sections "Filters" and "Color overlay" to "Style" section. With this change, settings panel has become more in order.


15th September 2022

  • You can set background for every page individually. Up to this point, this could be done by adding an element and placing it in the back. But this new feature will be a little more comfortable

  • When you're sending a bill to your customer, both email and checkout are displayed in your brand colors. With this feature, you will be able to promote your brand even further


8th September 2022

  • Letter spacing. With this feature, you've got even more control over how your text looks like

  • Change labels in checkout popup on your published page. With this feature, you can customize the tone and character of your checkout to match your website. You can also translate the whole checkout process for any language.


1st September 2022

  • The "Send" button can be set on the top right of the form. This will make forms with one field, a button and a checkbox for, for example, newsletter signup, containing marketing consent, look better;

  • We've made further improvements to the loading speed of published pages. This time we've improved loading of images visible on the first screen.

  • We have set default labels for buttons in menus. From now on, when selecting an action, for a menu button, the label of the button name completes itself depending on the selection of the button action

  • We highlight the item to which the link belongs when you hover over the item name in the "Bound Objects" panel. This will make working with binds easier - you will know which bind applies to which element

  • We have improved the order in which new layers are created. As a result, when adding new elements to the page, they will line up better with the layers.



18th August 2022

  • Reducing loading time of published pages - another upgrade has been introduced that will speed up the loading times of websites.

  • Ability to set a link for article miniature. If you're creating many articles from one template, you will be able to set the link for the miniature of those articles separately.


4th August 2022

  • Animation of mobile menu button. With this feature, mobile websites will be more visually attractive

  • The ability to change the size of a group of elements as a whole. This feature has many use cases, but one is that it will be easier to create mobile websites.

  • Reducing loading time of published pages. We've introduced some more features, that will speed up loading of websites and improve results in page speed insights



28th July 2022

  • Sections have been released in beta. This is the biggest change in WebWave, in terms of amount of code, ever. We're still stabilizing this feature, so it will be available only for volunteers. IF you'd like to test it, write a comment here, or a DM.

  • We've improved the looks of emails sent from contact forms. This feature will make emails more readable and aesthetic.


14th July 2022

  • Setting multiple fields next to each other in the contact form. With this feature, you can create more sophisticated contact forms.

  • Quickly preview checkout. With this feature, after you change colors of your checkout popups, you can quickly preview how the process looks like.


7th July 2022

  • We've improved the loading speed of published websites. This was one of many improvements, that we've done recently, but this one is significant, since in our tests it improved mobile speed ratings by up to 25 points. This is not over yet. We continue working to improve speed results.



23rd June 2022

  • We have added the ability to resize multiple elements simultaneously. This seemingly insignificant function will greatly improve the comfort and speed of work, especially adjusting elements to mobile screens.

  • We've added new types of fields to the contact form. From now on, e-mail and phone are special fields that validate the data entered;

  • We have added easy access to video tutorials. This will make it easier to get familiar with the website builder;

  • We cleaned up JS scripts loaded on the page. This makes published pages load a little faster.


3rd June 2022

  • Custom brand colors in the shopping cart. From now on, online store creators can change the colors of the shopping cart to their brand colors;

  • Eyedropper. Web developers can download colors from photos, elements and more easily create a consistent design for their sites;

  • The ability to set the tax rate in the store with non-complete values. This will make it possible to sell in countries with incomplete rates, such as Switzerland;

  • The "WebWave in 5 minutes" tutorial videos are available directly from the website builder. Users have all the videos they need in one window to quickly get familiar with the tool, without having to search for them on the YouTube channel.



27th May 2022

  • We made it possible to set a button in a form to the right of the fields. This allows you to create simple forms with one field and a button next to it, e.g. newsletter signup;

  • Ability to upload files in WEBP format. It's a popular format used on the Internet and from now on you can use it like with regular images in the website builder;

  • When sending a page via instant messengers (e.g. WhatsApp), the thumbnail is displayed above the link

  • We've rearranged the order of sections in blogfeed settings panel, so it will be easier to use this element;


20th May 2022

  • Video added to article template, can be edited in each article separately. This allows you to, for example, use different videos as headers for your articles, or create a video blog.

  • "Different text on hover" for buttons turns on automatically. This way you no longer have to remember to select it for the text to change on the button in a different state;

  • We upgraded the looks of the top menu. The menu is now more aesthetically pleasing, easier to read and enhanced with keyboard shortcuts;

  • We have enabled the "Layers Panel" to be docked on the left side with the other panel minimized. This will improve work in the wizard on larger screens;


13th May 2022


  • More formatting options for contact forms. You can now separately set the distance between labels, fields and the "Send" button. This allows you to create more aesthetically pleasing forms.

  • Improved media library interface. This will make it easier to manage folders.


6th May 2022


  • A brand new photo cropping mode. This allows you to see the entirety of the photo when cropping it and makes it easier to select the part you want to display.

  • The ability to crop each photo in the slider and gallery separately. This allows you to create a more visually appealing slider and gallery without using an external graphics program.

  • We optimized the speed of the webmaster panel, especially page deletion. Thanks to that, managing more pages is much faster.

  • On the list of pages, template was moved and highlighted with color. Thanks to that subpages list became more clear.



14th April 2022


  • We simplified the conditional visibility popup. After the introduction of conditional visibility, we got some critical feedback that managing this visibility is complicated. Therefore, we have made improvements and are waiting for more feedback

  • We have improved the look of the shopping cart on the mobile version of the store. As a result, when shopping on the website created in WebWave on the phone, it is easier to finalize the order

  • Dragging a layer to the lower and upper edge of the layers' panel scrolls the list. This makes it easier to work on pages with many layers.



31st March 2022


  • We've improved the interface for moving an item along with all the items underneath. This makes it easier to make additional space for new content on the page.

  • CMS users with Editor-in-Chief permission levels can now change the video file of the video player element. This allows clients the ability to update the videos on web pages and articles.

  • When toggling the dynamic position of an element on and off, the original position of the element will be remembered for each state. This makes it easier for the user to return an element to its original position when turning this setting on and off.


17th March 2022


  • We added the ability for you to set a free shipping option based on the total order amount. Example: Free Shipping is triggered if the total amount purchased exceeds the amount that you specify.

  • We have improved Auto RWD for the lightbox element. When you apply Auto RWD to a page with a lightbox element on it the automated resizing and positioning result for this type of element will be much improved.

  • The ruler now references the correct distance from the left or right screen edge. This applies to objects that have their Dynamic Position toggled on. This makes it even easier see how many units (px or vw) an element is from the selected screen edge when using the mouse to position the object.


10th March 2022


  • Ability to send bills to clients. With this feature, you can choose to send a bill directly to your client for payment. All future bills will also be automatically sent to your client. You can also add your mark up to the bill. When the client pays the amount, your commission will automatically be paid into your WebWave account.

  • Improved appearance of the dashboard sections in the webmaster panel. Settings inside these sections now have a different colour, making it easier to distinguish section headers from the section content.


3rd March 2022

  • Presentation of conditional visibility of an element on a list of layers. Thanks to this enhancement, you can clearly see the visibility status of an element in relation to its trigger. Example: after clicking on the trigger element, or after scrolling the page.

  • The ability to set the position on the google map separately for each article. When adding a new article that uses an article layout incorporating a google map element, each article using that layout can have a different map location than the one set in the article layout itself.

  • Send a bill to the client for a monthly or annual Premium Plan Subscription.

  • Improved interface of the blogfeed settings panel and improved the top panel in the website builder. Thanks to these changes, the website builder is more aesthetic and pleasant to use. 

  • The button for cropping images has been moved from the popup menu under the right mouse button to the image settings panel. Thanks to this, the settings are set up more logically and their position is consistent. 



17th February 2022


  • A new backup is created automatically when you open a page for editing in the website builder. This way you can always restore the page to the state where you've started your work this day. 

  • Bound elements edit mode. Thanks to this feature, after entering the editing mode, you can not only see all the binds in which the given elements participate, but you can also easily add or remove other binds. 

  • The possibility of changing the width of the RWD mode. Thanks to this function, we can even better adjust the website to different mobile devices.

  • When we change the mode of animation in the slider, the animation is immediately fired on the screen. Thanks to this, you can better see how the slider will animate. 


10th February 2022

  • The surprise that's been announced is the new WebWave design. It is not a website builder feature, but it has a big impact on the quality and comfort of work. The bew color scheme and new logo improve the contrast of the tool, increase its readability and visual appeal. 

  • Audio player. From now on the video element detects the type of the file added to it and if it is an audio file, it changes its appearance accordingly.


4th February 2022


  • A slider for changing the height of the workspace. Thanks to this news, you can easily preview how the page will look an screen of different heights and even faster and more conveniently create pages for mobile devices.

  • Ability to insert a video thumbnail, which will be shown instead of the first frame of the video. Thanks to this, you can preceisley define hoe you want the video elment to look like before the page user plays it.

  • Speeding up the loading and optimizing the video element of SEO. As a result, pages that use video elements will display faster and perform better in performance tests.

  • The ability to set any commission amount when sending a bill to a customer. Thanks to this feature, when you send a bill to a client you can for example instantly charge them for additional services that you provide for them and thus automate the administration of multiple pages and clients.

  • We have improved the look of the image settings panel. Thanks to that, the settings panel has become clearer and more aesthetic. 


27th January 2022


  • When you select an item, you can immediately see what other items it is bounded to. This makes it easier to edit these binds and makes it more readable. 


21st January 2022

  • We changed the iconography in the website builder. This makes the tool more aesthetically pleasing and easier to read. 

  • We improved the look of locked tabls in the elements setting panel. This makes the setting panel look more easthetically pleasing and clearer, especially when editing RWD modes.


5th January 2022

  • 1304 new icons in the icon bank. With this new feature, it's even easier to choose icons that match your site style.

  • We have blacked functions in the element settings panel that did not work in some situations. Thanks to that, there is no situation when you turn on or change some function and nothing happens on the page.

  • W eadded possibility to convert a simple text element to advanced one. Thanks to this, if you want to add advanced text formatting, you can turn on additional settings with one button.

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Improving WebWave website builder is an ongoing task. Our development team works constantly, and each week introduces new features and modifications that aim to make your job of designing and building websites quicker and easier.

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