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What is content scoring and how to create content that improves sales

08 April 2019

Updated: 16th September 2022

Reading time: 11 min

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Everyone knows that high-quality content can transform a user into a customer. 

But how to measure, which content is good enough?

If you don't analyze it, how can you know what's working well and what needs to be improved? 

Every day, thousands of new texts appear online and you should know how to make yours stand out. 

The answer to the question "how to make high-quality content" becomes more and more desirable among marketing specialists. 

In reality, up to 90% of them is not sure about their methods in measuring content quality. 

Yes, content marketing drives higher conversion than the traditional one.

What's more - it costs less. 

That's why more and more companies decide to create their own content and do it the best way possible. 

Do you know how to achieve it? 

The answer is simple.

Content scoring.

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What is content scoring?

It is quite a fresh idea of tracking the effectiveness of particular elements in the text, which allows you to evaluate the quality and efficiency of articles, videos and other forms of content. 

The sturdy base is a multilevel content analysis, which includes:

Understanding the viewers and their intentions

Creating a profile of an individual customer is a very important step in understanding the needs of real viewers.  

It is the first step of creating a business model canvas. 

As soon as you gain an understanding of who receives the content, you will be able to recognize their interests, needs, intentions and speak their language.

Therefore, achieving the goal. 


Mapping a path for users

Customers' journey is a process. 

It begins with their interaction with the company. 

Observation and understanding of the path users follow on your website might suggest their needs.

And allow you to satisfy them.

A map of users' journey from the first, to the last moment of connection, gives you an opportunity to check whether viewers achieve their goals or not.

Why is it useful for you? 

You get to place the content in a way it gives users a positive user experience and convince them to stay on a website and get to know your brand.

Adjusting content to an individual user 

An individual, who is on your website for the first time, will be interested in general content on a blog.

Whereas a regular customer will search for more specific topics and information.  

Making a content funnel ensures the division of content and topics in a way, that it suits every user on any stage of familiarity with your brand and website. 

The main point of this procedure is displaying in carefully selected places a variety of possibilities and high-quality content. 

Applied in macro scale simply means lead nurturing. 

Using this strategy in microscale is about creating a path for the user during only one session on a website. 

The first experience of a user on a website is the most important one, and you should make sure its positivity is strictly connected to high-quality content with high conversion coefficient.  

Content with lower conversion can be placed along the way, but make sure to go back to the wow one at the end.

Thanks to this method, there is a great chance that call action placed in the last part will encourage the user to achieve a goal you set for him.

Nevertheless, the sturdy base of all of these paragraphs are the topics you choose to write about on your website. 


Unique indexes of marketing content 

Standardized metrics of marketing content help you measure the efficiency of concrete factors (views, bounce rate, viewing time). 

More and more companies decide to use unique ratios, which show why a particular text is improving conversion.

It also requires analyzing ROI (return of investments).

That's why content scoring starts to be taken into consideration in marketing activities. 

The first experience of a user on a website is the most important one. Make sure it is connected to high-quality content with high conversion coefficient.  

How to write easily understandable and engaging articles?

Creating engaging content can seem difficult without a proper content model. 

Achieving high-quality content is every writers' goal. 

It attracts users. 

Or should I say: customers? 

What's more, easily understandable and clear articles are more likely to be shared on social media, which influences brand recognition. 

Even though it all sounds amazing, not everybody feels confident in writing on a website. 

You could ask: how to web write? 

Or maybe,  how to write on a website when you think you can't write well? 

My best advice is... mathematics.

Because language is mathematics. 

Take advantage of technology and use software, which will help you improve your content. 

Start from simple word counters and move towards more complex tools like Acrolinx, which not only looks through the text but also aligns your content to your strategy so you actually reach your goals.

Why content scoring is key to marketing success?

Thanks to the content analysis you can set objective goals in creating high-quality content. 

The understanding itself, that some of your articles are good and some are not, is definitely not enough. 

Some criteria should be taken into consideration when it comes to measuring content quality and setting a path for you to follow in order to attract more users.

Even though it might seem difficult, I can assure you it is worth trying.

Quality, not quantity

The sturdy base of the whole topic. 

It is better to create one, amazing text than five poor quality ones at the same time.

There aren't users who read junk articles for pleasure. 

The ability to create excellent content takes some time. 

But in the end, it is worth to dedicate it and draw the attention of many new users. 

The power of introduction and headers

As I said before, the first impression means a lot, and introduction to an article usually decides, whether the user stays on your website. 

If it is poor quality, he will assume the rest is as well. 

And he will exit the website. 

That's why you should pay more attention to the introduction and create headers, which draw and keep attention. 

Content without readers

It works similarly in social media.

High content outreach does not equal high-quality content.

Especially for users who really visit the website. 

Author's involvement directly influences his articles. 

Convincing text, backed up with writer's reflections and knowledge, written in an easily understandable way is a key to success. 


To sum everything up, you should not only dedicate time to writing high-quality content but also take some interest in your readers and create a path on your website for them, to help achieve theirs and your goals. 

If you still don't have a website, where you could apply all this knowledge, why don't you do it yourself for free?  


Authors:  Julia Madraszewska & Weronika Wawrzyniak

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