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Inspiration: Explore the best websites from WebWave

25 February 2021

Updated: 16th September 2022

Reading time:  6min 

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Over 300,000 users work in the WebWave website builder. Many of them create really great projects that can become an inspiration for others. In this post, we present some interesting sites that have recently caught our attention. 

The sites we write about are projects submitted to our competition for the best website of autumn, which we conducted at the end of last year. Now we will take a closer look at them to see how they use WebWave features. Here we will pay particular attention to the aesthetics, user experience and how the pages fulfill their purpose. 

examples of best websites - woman with her laptop - cartoon

Happy Wall website

This website shows that WebWave is a great tool for creating online stores for craft, and custom products. In this case, the offer includes wall decorations. 

best websites example

There is a simple menu at the top of the page. On the left, we see a logo that, when clicked, takes you to the home page. In the middle, we have a very simple, two-level menu that directs the user to specific sections of the website and product categories. In the right corner you can see social media icons and a shopping cart. 

Such a distribution of elements is known to users, so it is worth applying it on your website. Thanks to this, navigation will be intuitive. The menu uses the element hook function. It remains visible while scrolling the page, which makes navigating the e-store even easier. 

The wide slider with high-quality photos of products attracts attention. The animations function is used here. The photos advance automatically. The user can also navigate using the arrows. 

Below is the news section. It is worth paying attention to the change in the appearance of photos after hovering over them with the mouse. This lets the user know that it is an interactive element that can be clicked. 

At the bottom of the main page, we will see the Instagram photo gallery combined with the icon of this website. In the footer of the page, the user will find all the necessary information, such as regulations, contact or payments. 

The photos on the product cards attract attention. On the right side you will find a description of the item and a clear menu for selecting its parameters or the method of delivery. The button for adding a product to the cart is clearly visible. 

The happywall.pl website can be an example confirming the thesis that in web design more is less and when designing a website you should pay attention to its readability and ease of navigation. Aesthetic solutions should be subordinate to them.

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Finezja cafe website

This is an example of a very well-designed business site. As with the Happy Wall page, the traditional menu has been pinned to the top of the screen, making it visible while scrolling. It's a good idea to include such a layout on your site as users know it well from other sites, and it's a standard solution. 

best websites example

On the Finezja cafe website there is also a place for a slider with photos. This time, there is also a text that briefly describes the company. To make it more visible, a translucent background was used. 

It is worth paying attention to the gallery in which the image grid was used. The animation effect is used here when you hover over the graphic with the mouse. Thanks to this, we know that the element can be enlarged. 

Links to the Facebook profile were also not forgotten. A graphically highlighted icon leading to the cafe profile has been placed in the menu. 

The footer uses integration with Google maps. This makes it easier for people who want to visit the place to find the cafe. 

The website, although not very complicated, contains all the necessary information and is an effective showcase of the company on the web. It is characterized by subdued colors and elegant design matching the character and visual communication of the company. Similar colors can be found on her profiles in social media and in the restaurant itself. 

It is worth paying attention to the fact that this is a one-page project. There are no subpages here, and the individual menu items point to specific areas. This solution is particularly convenient for phone users who do not need to use the menu, which is often troublesome in the case of mobile devices. 


The sites we write about are projects submitted to our competition for the best website of autumn, which we conducted at the end of last year. Now we will take a closer look at them to see how they use WebWave features.


Healthy balance online dietary clinic

Moving your business to the Internet or extending it to online services has been a trend that has been visible for at least several years. The coronavirus pandemic has forced this phenomenon to spread even faster. The website of the Healthy Balance dietary clinic is an interesting example here. It offers remote dietary consultations. 

best websites example

The design is characterized by minimalism and a reference to nature, visible in the large illustration on the main page and in the colors, where we can find accents in pastel green. As with the examples discussed earlier, there is a simple menu at the top. 

The main page contains few elements, thanks to which the "sign up" button is well displayed. The purpose of the page is clearly stated here - it aims to encourage potential customers to take advice online. Such a minimalist design is perfect for this task. After clicking the button, the user is taken to the page with contact details. A form was used here that allows you to quickly send a message without the need to log into your own e-mail. Besides, we see a phone number and an e-mail address here. 

On the website, we can find 3 small subpages containing brief information about the person offering their services, the scope of activities and the price list. On such a simple and readable website, it is easy to find all the necessary information. 


Messis website

This project attracted our attention mainly due to the use of the animation function. The slider uses illustrations that suggest the scope of activities of the company that offers products for agriculture.

business websites example

Animations of images and texts that appear when scrolling the page were also used. The image on the subpage "about us" uses the Ken Burns effect, which consists in zooming in on a fragment of the image and moving its view. 

The use of animation gives the project a dynamics and makes it attract the attention of users. As the animations are visible only when the page is scrolled for the first time, they do not strain the eyes of the visitor. It was also ensured that the interactive elements change their appearance after hovering over them with the mouse. 

Another plus point is the use of the multilingual website function. In the upper right corner you will find icons that allow you to choose between the Polish and English versions. 


Summary on best websites 

As you can see, WebWave users can use our tool in a very creative way. The websites they create are not only original, but also aesthetic and, most importantly, designed with the user experience in mind. 

You can use all functions related to creating pages for free without any time limits. If you are not a WebWave user yet, you can register by clicking on this link

Author: Jan Chmielowski

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