Halting Adobe Muse from further development doesn’t seem to be a big deal, as it was not the most popular tool from Adobe Suite. But is it really that meaningless?


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According to Adobe’s official statement, the team will “focus on developing tools and services that mean more for customers”. There will be no new features from March 2018 and support will end in May 2020. So everyone owning Adobe Muse website hosted on Business Catalyst needs to find new provider from March 2021 Distant perspective? Not really.


B.Y.O.W. (Build Your Own Website) using website builder


Adobe Muse had one bright point – it was easy to import elements from another Adobe programs, be that Illustrator or Photoshop. Fewer the elements of the ecosystem, fewer the potential place for malfunction. After closing Adobe Muse, the only equivalent will be Adobe XD, although it's not the perfect match – it is not a software to make a website but to design it.


Ok, so what now, dear Muse-user?


Website in a browser


A few years ago a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) creators enabled users to design the website they needed. But the code was messy, web addresses tended to be overcomplicated and the amount of overall work made the effect unsatisfying.


The times changed. But introducing the SaaS tools was a real game changer – no need to install anything. Design all in your web browser,


Offline WYSIWYG programs were popular for a long time, but introducing website builders changed the game entirely by making things easier. No need to download updates. No “free trials” of paid versions. No troublesome backward compatibility (or rather lack of it).


Signum temporis


The ending of Adobe Muse is a sign of the end of an era of offline apps based web design, Although for power users offline coding remains the main tool of the trade, everyday user probably finds website builders sufficient. All the non-coding website development migrated to the cloud.


On the other hand, Adobe couldn’t hold itself not to make a little brickbat – Yeah, creators are cool, but REAL web design is coding.


We are okay with that. That’s why you can easily import Adobe XD project straight to Webwave. SVG files? No problem. Responsive web? Drag, drop and publish right away. So is really coding that important?


Ending Adobe Muse is also symbolic end of “free trial” era and switch into “freemium model”. The first one is all about “no money, no product”. The second one is “you don’t pay, but you gain access to some features”. That’s how the Internet is working – getting access to basic functionalities (for example in Webwave) is free and you can unlock the power options by paying a fee. That’s why brutal forcing user to pay is a bit… antiquated way?


The future of website builders


So what is the future of SaaS? There are no simple ways, but “great migration” is seriously considered. Although most of the users pointed that the tool itself was not cutting-edge, ability to store the whole project within one ecosystem was a serious advantage.


But if you may store them all in Webwave, why shouldn’t you try? Our website builder is recognized by many professional web and graphic designers. What’s more, we have no problem with vectors made in InDesign or XD, so there is no risk of losing the quality.


Last but not least – Webwave was highly inspired by Adobe suite (yep – we like them after all!), so you will feel like home. With Webwave you get hosting domain and updates. And if you feel like preparing websites for your clients, try out our Agency account – you will like it!


Paweł Krzywina - Web Developer, journalist, PR person

5 years of experience in web development and a business journalist. A lover of written language, new technologies, literature, and sport.

No further support for Adobe Muse website builder

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Halting Adobe Muse from further development doesn’t seem to be a big deal, as it was not the most popular tool from Adobe Suite. But is it really that meaningless?
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