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A recap of the year in WebWave: the 20 most important events of 2020

31 December 2020

Updated: 22nd September 2022 

Reading time: 5min 

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The past 12 months have been difficult for all of us. The world has been struggling with a pandemic that turned life upside down and caused quite a stir in the economy. Fortunately, despite the difficulties, we can also see many changes for the better. In this post, we present the 20 most important events of 2020 in WebWave.



We are 7 years old

WebWave is no longer a baby. We have come a long way since 2013. We started our adventure in the back of a grocery store. Now, after 7 years of hard work, WebWave is the largest website creator in Poland, used by over 300,000 people.


Our team has grown by 10 people

New challenges require new forces and resources. Therefore, in the past year, 10 new members joined our team. Sławek and Marcin have appeared in IT. The marketing ranks were joined by Natalia, Virgil, Bartosz and Andrzej. The support department was joined by Paweł, Kamil and Czarek. We also started working with Janek, who deals with customer acquisition.


The number of WebWave users has grown to 311,000

2020 was another year in which the group of WebWave users significantly increased. This time, the magic limit of 300,000 was exceeded. Thank you for being with us!


The number of websites created in WebWave has grown to 419 000

Many people who use our website builder create more than one page. That is why, last year, the number of websites created in WebWave reached 419,000.


Monthly traffic on websites created in WebWave in 2020 is an average of 5 767 430 users

The websites of our users are not lying idle. They attract traffic all the time. Last year, they were visited by an average of over 5 million users per month!


We have written 71,088 lines of code

Our IT team constantly cares about the proper functioning and development of the website builder. This year, more than 70,000 lines of code were written! Thanks to the work of our web developers, you can be sure that WebWave is a safe tool that follows trends.


We have introduced 73 new major features

Development is extremely important to us. This year, we have published the 300th version of WebWave! We have developed 73 new essential functions. There are countless smaller changes and improvements.


We made it possible to create an online store

This is probably the most important change that many of you have been waiting for. By adding the cart function, you can create an online store in WebWave. This option is eagerly used by people who want to move their business online or expand the scope of activities to online trading in difficult times.


Try for free ->

WebWave AI Writer

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Try for free ->

WebWave AI Writer

Generate your website copy with just one click

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We have integrated WebWave with Stripe

This is another change that facilitates online sales. Thanks to the integration with Stripe payment system, you can offer your customers well-known, convenient and secure payment methods.


We have redesigned the Webmaster Panel

We do our best to ensure WebWave is as convenient as it can be. That is why we have redesigned the Webmaster Panel. Now it is easier to manage your websites and payments.


We have published 59 articles on the blog

We have not forgotten about the development of our blog. We have been publishing new texts every week. We always tried to keep our finger on the pulse and raise topics relevant to our readers.


Our blog has recorded 31,203 unique hits

Our efforts met with your interest. In the last 12 months, the WebWave blog was visited by 31203 readers. Thank you for your interest and we promise you even more interesting texts in the new year.


We have created 52 videos

This year, we focused on the development of our YouTube channel. We have published 52 films, in which we show, among other things, how to use the most interesting functions of the WebWave website builder.


We have reached 268 048 views on YouTube

Our YouTube videos were seen more than 250 thousand times in total. Thank you for your interest!


The number of our group members on Facebook has grown to 2,385

Over 2,000 people belong to our Facebook group. It's a place to share experiences, ask questions, and submit ideas for new features.


The number of our followers in Social Media is 11 735 in total

We were constantly developing our profiles in social media. This year, the group of followers of our profiles increased to 11,735 people.


Our website was ranked 20th among the 100 best-positioned marketing portals in Poland according to Senuto

Sometimes we hear the opinion that pages created in wizards are difficult to position effectively. Our example shows that this statement has little to do with the truth. The Senturo company placed us on the 20th place on the list of 100 best-positioned websites devoted to marketing. It should be noted here that our website was created entirely in the WebWave creator.


218 people took part in the contest for the best website of autumn

Our contest for the best side of autumn has met great interest. The level of the projects exceeded our expectations. That is why we awarded 2 main prizes.


We have conducted 106 webinars

We conduct free online training twice a week. Thanks to them, users can learn the secrets of working with our tool and position the pages created in it.


The past 12 months have been difficult for all of us. Fortunately, despite the difficulties, we can also see many changes for the better. In this post, we present the 20 most important events of 2020 in WebWave.

The Helpdesk has received an average of 576 chat calls per week

We try our best to solve all problems of our users and answer any doubts. This year, Helpdesk received an average of 576 chat calls a week. 


We look forward to 2021

Despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we look to the future with hope. We hope that 2021 will be even better for us and our users, who we wish their dreams to come true and many successes in the new year.

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Author: Jan Chmielowski

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