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16 January 2020


WebWave cart

Now with our website builder, you can create a simple online store and take orders from customers. We have prepared this solution especially for users who are starting their adventure with e-commerce.


How to use this feature?

Click the cart icon in the menu on the left 


Activate the store by clicking the Enable WebWave shopping cart button.



In the store settings window, complete the information that will be visible to the user during the ordering process. 



Now by clicking the cart icon in the menu on the left, you can add 2 buttons to your website: Add to shop cart and View cart.



Creating the Add to shop cart button

After clicking it, the user will select the product they want to buy. To create a button, click on the top icon that appears when you hover the mouse over the cart symbol in the menu on the left. Then complete the product information, such as its name, price or description. 



Creating See the cart

This button takes the user to the cart, where he will see all the items he has placed there. To create a button, click on the top icon that appears when you hover the mouse over the cart symbol in the menu on the left. 


What does the ordering process look like?

After clicking the add to shop cart button, the selected product will go to the cart. The customer will be able to order selected products.



Then the seller and customer will receive an e-mail with a list of purchased products and order details.



A simplified text editor

Thanks to this solution, working with text has become even easier. We left the most useful functions in the default view of the text editor. Thanks to this you can create shorter text forms faster. 

How to use this feature?

When editing a text element, you have a simplified editor at your disposal. To go to its full version, just click the Advanced editor button on the right.


simplified text editor:

advanced editor:


When you switch from a simple version to an advanced version, you will lose your existing text formatting. At the moment, it is only possible to switch from a simplified to an advanced version of the creator, not the other way around. 


Designation of the element after moving the mouse over it

Thanks to this function you will find the item you want to click easier.


The website builder is available in Safari and Opera browsers

It will allow WebWave users to use Safari and Opera browsers.




16 January 2020

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