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08 July 2019

The most important changes:



Element "Custom HTML CSS JS" can be edited during article edition


We are still in the process of improving articles creation on a website. In the newest features from 17 June, you can read about simplified news edition. Today we also enabled users to modify "Custom HTML CSS JS" element when writing an article. 


How to use this feature?

Login to WebWave and in the menu at the top of the builder select News -> News layouts. Choose the news layout where you want to place the HTML CSS JS element.  

From the toolbar on the left side of the builder select three dots icon and the HTML CSS JS element. Place it on a website. 

Now, when creating a new article with this particular news layout you can click on the HTML CSS JS element and write any code in it.


Redirecting the user to a place of your choice after sending the form  

If you want the user to be redirected somewhere, download a certain file or call you after submitting the form on your website - you can now easily do it in the website builder WebWave.  


How to use this feature?

From the toolbar on the left side of the builder select the three dots icon and then Form. Place it on a website. 

Select the cogwheel icon at the top left corner of the element and edit content.

To the popup window, the WebWave team added some new functionalities, which activate after the form is send. You can redirect users to: 

  • Go to object on page
  • Webpage
  • Go to newspage
  • Website address
  • More (URL, call, display file, send e-mail)

Select the best option and save changes. 

If you want to learn more about form element read more on our knowledge base


Support for double opt-in in integration with Mailer Lite


In the previous post, we wrote about integration with Mailer Lite. Now WebWave supports also double opt-in. To sign up for a newsletter, the user needs to click the activation link.  

This feature can be applied on Mailer Lite website and is automatically transferred to WebWave. 

If you don't know how to integrate Mailer Lite with your website created in website builder WebWave, take a look at the article on our knowledge base. 


A new way of working with elements in CMS during article edition 


Now working in CMS is even more intuitive than ever. After hovering any editable element, you will see a cogwheel icon. 

It displays all available modifications.


4 July 2019

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12 December 2019
Finder for articles and subpages in the Click action (link) section   Thanks to this function you will find the subpage

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