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Autor: Jan Chmielowski, Irina Jewsiewicka


Long-tail keyword - a keyword that consists of 3 or more words. It is usually specific and used for targeting niche groups of potential customers.

Link baiting - activities aimed at obtaining external links without having to pay for them, most often thanks to encouraging the user to share content.

Link - an element of a website that, when clicked, takes the user to another page or web page.

Lead nurturing - activities aimed at building user involvement at various stages of the shopping path. To this end, the user is offered attractive information.

Lead - users' contact details. Lady is usually obtained by offering the user benefits (e.g. characters, e-book) in exchange for leaving the data.

Landing page - the landing page is displayed to the user who clicked on the banner, AdWords ad or other advertising element placed on another page.


Knowledge base - a set of articles that explain a complicated phenomenon in a comprehensive way.

KPI - Key Performance Indicators. Indicators that are used to measure the level of achievement of a goal, for example, the number of customers acquired or shipments completed.

Keyword stuffing - the practice of over saturating text with keywords and placing them in the wrong context. It belongs to the black hat SEO.

Keyword - an expression that is typed-in in the search section of a search engine.


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23 April 2020

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